Joe rogan mcgregor vs khabib

Joe Rogan On Conor Mcgregor Vs Khabib In Russia

After relocating to Los Angeles inRogan signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney, appeared as an actor on the television sitcoms Hardball and NewsRadio, and worked in local comedy clubs. He moved to New York City two years later. Others could also be disciplined, Bennett said. A wild skirmish ensued.

Joe Rogan On Conor Mcgregor Vs Khabib In Russia — смотреть и скачать видео

Rogan released his first comedy special inand has since produced seven other specials. In his debut boxing match, he was defeated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. Rogan also is an advocate for the legalization of cannabis, an avid hunter and part of the «Eat What You Kill» movement.

Rogan began a career in stand-up in August in the Boston area, developing a joe rogan mcgregor vs khabib comedy act.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan previews the long-anticipated matchup between lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former champion Conor McGregor at UFC Материалы по теме. UFC Конор МакГрегор. Хабиб Нурмагомедов. Тэги. UFC Отмена. Месяц бесплатно. Joe Rogan Breaks down Conor vs. Khabib!! JRE Clips. Загрузка   Joe Rogan — Conor Didn’t Tap Prematurely Against Khabib — Продолжительность: JRE Clips 1 просмотра. Joe Rogan thinks Khabib Nurmagomedov should defend his title against Tony Ferguson.  After submitting McGregor with a face crank in the fourth round, Nurmagomedov leapt over the cage and attacked McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Dillon Danis, which triggered an all-out brawl inside the Octagon.

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123 Responses to Joe rogan mcgregor vs khabib

  1. Gruagach. Iron Shoes says:

    McGregor for all his faults is an elite fighter, no way he was going to beat Nurmagedamov in his first mma fight in two years, two broken bones in his foot and all the money in that stupid boxing match , money ruined McGregor and asking for a rematch against for me the p4p best at the moment in Nurmagedamov shows hes at least hungry for his pride but if he can overcome him Im not so sure but anyone can knock out or sub anyone on any given night , I remember Joe saying Rhonda was the best fighter in the world even with the lack of skills her opponents had at the time was lacking , Joe is like us an armchair fan, I can back kick a bag hard but meanwhile in the real world……and I have three tours in Afghanistan in the BAF with hand to hand confirmed ks but ALL these fighters would kick the shite out of me tbf

  2. PIG EAT FEET says:

    Herb dean sucks

  3. Yea Yea says:

    Conor is a business man. His (mediocre for a “champ”) fighting days are over.

  4. Syed Ali Asfan says:

    Khabib: The best shit talker i have ever seen in mma, cause he does it inside the cage. Dude is real !

  5. Boss Zombie says:

    Joe smoke some herbs Rogan

  6. Fotosynthesis858 says:

    All good dogs go to Dogestan

  7. Rizwan Aswad says:

    Yo Joe!!!
    Love your podcast bro👍

  8. its bill gates to you son. says:

    I’ve never thought about Dagestan before still never really do. I am American and American is the only place in the world

  9. Joe Blow says:

    That’s one of the gayest thumbnails I’ve ever seen.

  10. NoFapKing says:


  11. Hustle Hustle says:

    Herb no yeah yeah no no yeah Dean

  12. John Dough says:

    Khabib is a worthless terrorist. Anybody that is such a terrible sportsman like he is should be barred from the sport. I dont care how good he is at cutting weight so he can fight in a lighter weight class.
    This pile of worthless useless shit commits unsprotsmanly conduct when he wins a fight. What would have happened if he lost? Suicide bomb?

  13. hami chy says:

    Broo when u gonna get the man, the myth, the legend KHABIB on the podcast?

  14. Ashley Quintanar says:

    How about Masvidal vs Khabib? A striker vs wrestler

  15. Monk Kenyon says:

    Come on, Conor, lets talk. Lets squash our beef while I am kicking your ass lol!

  16. Callum Coyne says:

    Things is herd dean wouldnt say it to his face hed get his face took off conor wasnt ready he didnt train properly was a full on piss head and coke head if he wasnt a think the idd would of chnaged but zabit if the best hes the best ever

  17. Sz Syd says:

    JR: how many more of those guys are over there? — thats like counting the number of creatures that you didnt know existed whose standards of toughness is well above anything thats come around before!
    For guys like these whove been around the UFC since its earliest stages and have seen many come and go, to acknowledge and be in awe of a group of fighters is spine chilling.

  18. Asmodeus Thenatos says:

    Joe Rogan sounds like Owen Wilson when he says wow @1:52

  19. Yamaha rx100 says:

    Waiting for Afghans and isis men get into UFC. Cant wait to watch them kick everyones ass real time.

  20. 365videoman says:

    The real warrior…..born tough!!! Khabib……..the eagleeeee 🦅🦅🦅😘😘😘

  21. Paul Linklater says:

    Herb dean always saving danas pride and Joys,dont like this mofo,first he saved Ronda from being obliterated and now saving the fn so called champ guy has been beaten so many times,anyway herb stop saving these one trick ponies

    • Daniel Moore says:

      People who don’t fight say the most stupid shit.

    • Daniel Moore says:

      Paul Linklater If the fight is no longer competitive then it’s the refs job to make the call.

  22. durrani khan says:

    Joe and dana white are definitely related.

  23. VanDoorn34 says:

    Connor Mc Chicken got smashedd

  24. daniel edwards says:

    Got the chance to meet herb after one of my buddies fights here in Oklahoma hes so fuckin chill I geeked out we took pics

  25. Magic Shroom says:

    The video is about what khabib said and herb dean barely said anything on what he said…


      Furthermore I tried looking for that subject on the full podcast 3hrs and couldn’t find the subject???🤔🤔 and if joe didn’t interrupt herb we could’ve heard more
      This guy asked the question and then decided to run it through bad journalism but he is a good journalist

    • William Gil says:

      Exactly. I was expecting to hear something I didnt already know.

  26. karim hari says:

    Khabib has put dagastan in the map

  27. Harun Cehic says:

    So apparently, Dagestani boys have horses in the back…

  28. Amr Khn says:

    They should have asked him why he done nothing to stop Connor cheating in the Khabib fight….you know Dana would have asked for a rematch had it been the other way round saying the ref should retire for a poor performance.


  29. M B says:

    This niggaz fookin dangerous has no business refereeing fights he refs like a dope addict, makes far too many mistakes

  30. william 19 says:

    imagine in the biggest fight of your life then being elbowed by a guy calmly telling you to give up. id rather take a 3 piece and a soda than to fight khabib.

  31. Haize Fuimaono says:

    Khabib is a dangerous, smart and composed man

  32. mr. hyde says:

    why some people try to compare khabib with gps? gps has done his part in mma, his a legend and a future hall of famer, while khabib is the reigning champion who beat the hell out of connor, respect to both fighters!

  33. AK says:

    First of all never get mixed up with dudes who have a beard and no ‘stache. If he’s also missing some teeth just get outta there

  34. Crazy Prepper Nick says:

    Pull ups dont win fist fights especially jabs in the mix khabib is the best yes but by submission even if he is undefeated with the time he is in put in the Era sham with him knock out no problem put in money may no problem put me in 7 months ufc training no problem

  35. Ed Hammond says:

    I am a very white very Christian American male. And I enjoyed watching this Muslim man shut McGregor’s big mouth. He has 10 times the class of McGregor. I hope they have a rematch and pay The Russian $50 million. McGregor made 100 million messing around with Mayweather.Khabib had better flights For fun in Russia.

  36. Rosa Vargas says:

    @jreclips what do you think about khabib vs ryan hall?

  37. sven trogrlic says:

    Damn, for Khabib its really war in the Cage, and much more than just a fight in an octagon

  38. c00t999 says:

    Joe pushing Khabib up in herbs grill… herb didn’t like that. Good on ya Rogan.

  39. Rocket RoosterTV says:

    Herb dean is the shittiest ref ever

  40. LadyGaGa is hot says:

    Shame kabib has backwards views on woman

    • Dgo pro says:

      LadyGaGa is hot wtf are u talking about?? They treat and respect their women much better than westerns. They will never allow their women to be cheap whores, pornstars and so on unlike in western society, where women are treated as shit! Go fuckin get common sense, you pig 🐷

  41. Zman eL3jaib says:

    im so disappointed on this episode,,, not talking about those fouls conor committed on that fight.
    Joe is high as a fuck… and Herb looks like some one who needs a drop eye.

  42. Leobadfish says:

    Lets talk now

  43. Big Boy says:

    *In the US, getting a kid to do 15 pull ups would amount to child abuse charges😂😂😂😂😂*

  44. Dann vw says:

    This guy is asking information from 2nd person but not dare to bring khabib

  45. BB B says:

    He sounds retarded tbh

  46. IloveBaklava says:

    Is Herb confusing Chechnya with Dagestan

  47. House Stark says:

    2 k mcchickens fans 😂😂😂

  48. shadow moses says:

    Joe Rogan high af

  49. Belu Pilem says:

    his name is Herb, still why people saying he is a pothead … 🤔😀

  50. ApyllonFeniX 1904 says:

    Dont forget what conor did for the UFC

  51. Crazy Joe Davola says:

    Khabib is just a relentless monster….he mauls people like an animal

    • Crazy Joe Davola says:

      @Mr. Mayhem — Yeah, same here. I get updates n shit on Youtube now…haha

    • Mr. Mayhem says:

      Crazy Joe Davola I stopped watch mma because two dudes hugging on the ground for days on end, until I saw Khabib fight, I was like holy shit. Now I’m back in the mma scene. #SuperCasual

  52. Psychology Passionate says:

    Herb is when you are talking to a girl and suddenly have a boner.

  53. Ralih Swetkk says:

    joe you look like a dagestina warrior maybe your herritage is from dagestan

  54. 31Hosaf says:

    Joe pop snap pop uuughh rogan

  55. MathinusG says:

    Do they have much else other than wrestling?

  56. Ikram Subhaany says:

    McGregor is brought up in society where kid play wiv tedy bear while khabib come from a society where kids play and fight with real bear thts the difference. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃

  57. Joe Badgley says:

    No real champ has to submit every fight to win!

  58. I’m Your Friendish says:

    Khabibs style of trash talk reminds me of Larry Bird.

  59. Yass Tomi says:

    meanwhile in America boys are allowed to wear skirts

  60. Catalin Cata says:

    3:02 that dude speaking chinese wtf

  61. Odd Thomas says:

    I hate Joes tech guy

  62. Henry Bourgeois jr says:

    Ali, Muhammad Ali.. way more famous.

  63. Aye Bossman says:

    Conor trash talk been backfiring alot lately

  64. Mark Fox says:

    Herb dean is a OG

  65. shaari mohd amin says:

    Joe should ask Dean how much conor paid you to back him up in Khabib fights 50 Or 100 grand I bet Dean will said more than that.

  66. Bubbie Big balls says:

    Two greatest fighters wtf is now smoking. Ali, foreman, sugar ray, Marciano. What a cunt.

  67. Randall Pfleegor says:

    Looks like Philadelphia when the Phillies won the World Series and when the Eagles won the Superbowl. Whole city just flew into the street and partied with everyone until sun up. It gets out of hand and its unfortunate the destruction it leaves behind but its also a beautiful thing to see the violence stop and entire city come together to celebrate.

  68. Carlos Cruz says:

    Khabib only likes trash talking when he is beating the shit out of you!

  69. M Al says:


  70. EA Z6 says:

    Herb Dean is a Pedophile

  71. Cameron Warren says:

    Heck if I were to get millions for losing I wouldnt work as hard as well.

  72. Jay Dee says:

    Back home Kabib is like a Michael Jackson but with a Yak named Colin instead of a chimpanzee named Bubbles.

  73. Nonoa Sailo says:

    Connor need to beat this Muslim prick

  74. Smashing Pumpkings97 says:

    Herb Dean is the best ref

  75. Tiana Pyre says:

    Herb Dean revealed nothing.😂 What a dry conversation.


    Khabib will give Jon bones Jones a beating dream matchup without the weight class rule
    In my dream
    but if floyed v ConR happened
    Then maybe just maybe?

  77. heavy meddle says:

    Yea as much as I love to see Connor lose hes probably one of the biggest reasons Im into mma

  78. Newton Fernandez says:

    Joe boom boom boom…boom…boom Rogan

  79. Andrew Preston says:

    Ngl khabibs technique is smart 😂 I have to say tho if that cunt started murmuring shit in my ear mid fight I’d take a chunk out of his clarty ear 😂

  80. jemajo mendiola says:

    Anyone here thought that Joe Rogan and Dana White are brothers or related…

  81. Jason Alan says:

    He sais…….I marry my Cousin!

    • Marife Salih says:

      He is already married. What he actually said was: Conor, you are no true Irishman, you are a chicken quitter, big mouth bullshit.

  82. Josafath Luna says:

    He should of asked him how much dick did Conner give him in his ass so he wouldnt call him out on all the bs he was pulling to survive Khabib

  83. Johnny Guy says:

    Am i the only one that thought we would see herb dean talk about what khabib was saying in the Conor fight.
    This title is so misleading

  84. F4llback says:

    Donovan mcnab?

  85. Gojira Turok117 says:

    Why does Joe looks confused

  86. Aaron Castilo says:

    Joe sounds like a pervert.

  87. joseph hill says:

    How high is joe tho

  88. NeVer Seen says:

    Khabib didn’t run through Conor. It was a good fight.

  89. RiK Rivine says:

    What Time is it Guys?

  90. B. Madina says:

    Dagestan is a blast?? Why don’t I believe that

  91. Walter White says:

    Kids doing pullups? Havent seen that in USA schools since the 80s

    • nichickmet says:

      Bruh I remember my gyms climbing ropes. When I was like 13 I could get to the top without using my legs. No way I could do it now.

    • Mr. Mayhem says:

      Walter White Do they still do pull ups now lol?

    • Rampid Panjandrum says:

      We used to back in elementary school (00s)

    • Drakes Wheelchair says:

      @Andrew M yes Im lying you got me all I do is lie for no reason to feel cooler lol

    • Andrew M says:

      @Drakes Wheelchair right? Sounds like a true story

  92. Ian McDonald says:

    Herb dean might need to think about retirement. Hes becoming the king of early stoppages.

  93. busiest Nebula says:

    Idk why Conor even talked shit cus everyone knew he wasnt ready for that fight at all he was nowhere near the level he was before

    • Prince Kael says:

      Because its all for publicity, they made so much money and people who dont even watch UFC were watching the fight.

  94. opugilist says:

    Well when you see Americans like Jon Jones running through people and almost all belts being held by Americans you gotta wonder, how many more of those guys are here?

  95. John Dunbar says:

    Herb dean hasnt stopped a fight too early since his last fight

  96. Ana Mihoubi says:

    Ben(isn’t better than khabib)Askren!

  97. John Burkes says:

    Khabib telling someone to give up during a fight so he can get a title shot sounds like the fight is rigged to me.

  98. Buck Nekrid says:

    I’ve seen prime Tyson, GSP, Anderson Silva, and Floyd Mayweather. But Khabib might be the most skilled/dominant fighter I’ve ever seen along with Jon Jones.

    • Pro Wrestling World says:

      @Steven Burton he is dominant bcoz he is too big for 155 there no nobody at 155 to defeat him but if he fights at 170 he will get destroyed by everyvody he knows it too😂😂

    • Steven Burton says:

      When I see fighters clean their divison and keep moving up to dominant higher divisions then we can revisit this conversation and how long does he reign on top. So far he is definitely leaving his footprints in the octagon

    • Steven Burton says:

      UFC and Boxing are not the same. Night & Day. Khabib is very dominant and gonna go down as one of the most feared UFC fighters but when you say dominant and skilled. He isnt done so hold ya brakes

    • Cameron Francis says:

      Pro Wrestling World in boxing they were also fed nobody’s. khabib has mauled very skilled opponents

    • Pro Wrestling World says:

      U r an idiot if you think khabib is on the same level as tyson

  99. JonnySublime says:

    Famous fighter does not mean good fighter. Conor and Mayweather both all hype.

  100. Tabrez Khan says:

    Dagistan didnt come to take part they come to take over. In sha Allah