Khabib vs mcgregor line

Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже готовы встретить своих кумиров. Конор МакГрегор возвращается в октагон за поясом в легкой весовой категории и намерен в очередной раз подтвердить свой звездный статус.

Прямая трансляция UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор МакГрегор |

The Russian toiled on top, trying to advance position and eventually doing just that although he failed to land any significant shots. Злые языки утверждали, что МакГрегор никогда не вернется и давным-давно употребляет наркотики и алкоголь, однако текущая физическая форма ирландца заставляет усомниться в таких высказываниях критиков.

Непобедимым чемпион в легком весе Хабиб, набравший 26 побед, без единого поражения и Макгрегор, из 24 боев, всего три поражения. He landed some absolutely blistering ground and pound and referee Herb Dean was looking very closely at the damage the Dubliner was taking but he survived.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор Полный бой смотреть онлайн онлайн в хорошем качестве HD

And khabib vs mcgregor line is not khabib vs mcgregor line his side Khabib goes for a takedown butt McGregor blocks it but then eats a big right hand.

Khabib is marching forward with his hands down which seems ill advised and McGregor landed plenty of decent shots though the Dagestani replied with a few of his own. This is absolute chaos..

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101 Responses to Khabib vs mcgregor line

  1. Hazel Eyez says:

    Conor needs to fuck off and go to WWE — its a much better fitting!

  2. Crag B says:

    Conor was charged with Rape in Ireland. Look it up. Its Conor is jumping around Dublin like the Don. Im Scottish , very similar to Irish and the thing about Conor thats funny is the fact that every class at school had a small smart arse quick witted dickhead. Fact. Hes nothing special apart from he can fight.

  3. Omer Mohamed says:

    Rape case Mcgregor there is merit the heaps of merit these guys are not talking about it

  4. Slava Kim says:

    I dont think Khabib vs Connor 2 should happen. Somebody gona die.

  5. Hugo Cuellar says:

    Trying to analyse how conors mind works is the same as analysing a drug adicts.

  6. soul master says:

    i love how y’all hate on conor and use the loss from khabib to act is if he’s trash and got completely dominated. lol and y’all will stroak the nutsacks of your favorite fighters after they actually get dominated or koed

  7. Prestige Grounds says:

    Some guy named Leonard

  8. Chirag Goswami says:

    when rumble grabbed the guy he stopped moving
    its not like he was struggling to get out.

  9. justin dylan says:

    Can someone tell me why people care more about irish …..i cant see it not in 10 years can i figure it… it the booze..the world love irish more than aussies proves world is full of shit its the way they talk def not the way they fight…becky lynch marcus davis please is that all then why so popular is that country so boring they all buy and sell ppv somethings fishy cause noone in 20 years can say why i should love irish fighters…fuck history its about how many people in your country or how many followers hence justin tom fight….dana would put u back as a life time fighter for circus fight ive lost respect as a 23 year ufc fan

  10. Jonathan C says:

    I think the whole thing is more obvious than Chael is making it out to be. Khabib is going to fight the Max/Dustin winner unless Conor can find a way to insinuate himself. He picked a fight the old fashioned way—by launching the nastiest insult that he could think of. Some people would just brush it aside, but Khabib generally takes it personally. And, boom! now Khabib wants to fight Conor (actually he wants to kill him).

  11. Nautilus1972 says:

    what was the point? CASH MONEY

  12. Omar Sanes says:

    What the f*ck Chael said? Lol

  13. V Ling says:

    I want Conor McGregor to come back. But he is an entitled and arrogant human being. Dont deny that.

  14. T Wall says:

    Why Paulie eat slep?
    D. C. please, tell them why Paulie eat slep.

  15. cobhcscorpion says:

    As far as i know, and as it was reported in the media — Khabib called Conor a rapist before Conor posted anything.
    In the time of the #metoo movement and shit, he calls him a rapist pulicly without any evidence what so ever.
    So to say Conor crossed a line is rediculous.
    And by the way… if people dont stop to fucking bow down to muslims, being afraid of any jokes related to their religion — the world is going to be a fucking dark place.
    Khabib even said it himself in a tweet — you wont be safe if you insult my religion. Fucking muslims, cancer of this planet.

    Guess what Kebab — your wife is a fucking towel. Faggot.

  16. MrJtin69 says:

    If rumble returns to heavyweight and passes all tests he will be the hardest hitter of all time hands down he already thru hard bombs but with that size he would destroy all if he doesnt wrestle

  17. Whorror says:

    Conor fighting for the belt? He got 2 fights since 2016 and lost both… Any of those 3 other guys would destroy Conor.

  18. BRIANS WORLD says:

    old news. who cares. conors an overrated total asshole POS, so is pauline.

  19. Tom Allen says:

    Artem GOAT

  20. Afh4ever says:

    Conor thought promoting hate against Khabib will be a good factor be his side on that fight, wrooong.

  21. kaz says:

    bullshit…Connor McGregor screwed paulie

  22. IM Running Thaangs says:

    What a shite talker. Im no fan of conors but even id like to see him punch this dumbass brah

  23. RDM 010 says:

    Bad Guy inc. ….. aaaahahahahahahahaha…..ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ok ok ok …..ahahahahahahahaha.

  24. pobpete says:

    cocaine is a helluva drug!

  25. ChrischrosBelgium says:

    Chael Sonnen, I think I know why Conor is doing all this. He is trying to make us think he is no longer training seriously… he will come back a monster… and win. but he will have lost too much fans.

  26. GENOCIDE2099 says:

    chael may be the best trash talker in MMA but he walks that fine line between entertainment and deeply personal

  27. Ben Lamptey says:

    I think Conors just trying to build up a rematch.

  28. iPhone Guy says:

    You guys can go home.
    Don’t come back either.
    Everyone is too quick to cry these days,
    You’re all weak.
    He said you married a Towel,
    In the picture that is what you see.
    It’s a joke and doesn’t have to come down to religion and that’s just the truth of it.Can you say it is?Yeah but when you’re telling jokes that one was pretty funny and can still be funny without having to direct it at Islam because at the end of the day,She had a towel on her head.

  29. The Dynasty Continues says:

    Coming from the same guy that shit on Titos wife?

    Cmon Chael.

  30. Sask Cyclist Snaps On Drivers says:

    I like how chael gives up industry secrets bud

  31. Magsegdjmo Orion says:

    I got Max winning. Don’t give a damn about Khabib and Conor.

  32. Tom Allen says:

    That point about power is spot on, class work there chael

  33. Rashid Jude says:

    Old Chael stirring the pot

  34. Mark Rai says:

    Chael will tell you the maximum you can ever feed a bus is carrots. If youre trying to feed a bus dollies… youve crossed the line.

  35. Phylotoffer says:

    Ok the Video starts witha guy that wears this shirt …. My Alex Jones senses are tingling xD

  36. WarDisciple1 says:

    Connor drinks too much

  37. kiran kara says:

    Connor is a moron, always has been, always will be. Good fighter, but is piece of crap. Monster UFC and Dana created

  38. brian clay says:

    Look at the picture…. it literally looked like a towel rack…

  39. Sask Cyclist Snaps On Drivers says:

    They fight in 10 or 12 oz gloves bud

  40. 0Turbox says:

    I dont know what kind of mind you have to only recently pointing this out. Conor was a douche bag since day one. Behaves like a plumber that got rich over night.

  41. Roy Scott says:

    Mr. Sonnen’s trash talk was funny and not a personal attack. Conor’s trash talk belongs in the Irish trailer park he came from.

  42. thedefinitive says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Conor walks around confidently and speaks boldly, making others believe he has power he does not. But thats his secret to keep and the lie for all others to continue to perpetuate

  43. Sara Conor says:

    Im sorry Chael but when you sell 3 mill ppv in UFC. You have power.

  44. Monzir Ali says:

    Says connor crossed the line then forgets that he said to tito : the only person i know who got opportunities using their mouth is your ex wife 😂😂 stfu chael

  45. Jonathan Frieze says:

    Its connors thing, make you so angry that you cant fight from your highest iq but from pure anger which makes them run smack dab into a left hand 🌙 like dustin and jose

  46. RDM 010 says:

    Khabib is a child with childish vendettas. Over-sensitive boy who is part of an over-sensitive culture… not our problem. Fuckem.

    You dont want the hate or comments?… then get out of the game. What a bitch.

  47. Conor Kelly says:

    Chael talked shit about andersons wife and titos ex

  48. Palitzonsky says:

    Drama boi

  49. C M says:

    Mcgregor is scum. Crosses the line constantly talking about a fighters wife and punches a senior in the face. Dana shouldn’t ever let him fight again. It’s bad for the UFC and sport in general

  50. * SLAVIC ARYAN * says:

    Chael SJW… What a joke

  51. ChrischrosBelgium says:

    When I read the towel-comment, i just realised he is racist. And that is the drop. He lost a fan. He doesnt care, I know… but its just sad to see how a great fighter, that could have been a legend like GSP,… just went down the toilet.

  52. John Bailey says:

    Could anyone ever win an argument with chael?

  53. ASLackey22 says:

    Remember when Chael said he say the Nogueria brothers trying to feed a bus a carrot and that he was surprised that Brazil had computers? Omg as bad as it was that he trashed Brazil that was funny.

  54. Jesus Jones says:

    rumble is on that there TREN and ADROL! his face looks bloated AF! he is juiced to the gills without USADA on his arse all day everyday

  55. John Saunders says:

    HAHAHHA I Love watching your videos Yes there is A Limit and that one is way too Personal .Even for Conor .lol CHAEL.LOL

  56. Roy Scott says:

    Who remembers when Connor was able to actually WIN a match?

  57. chuck watson says:

    Uncle Chael, I honestly believe Khabib is going to hurt Conor next time around!

  58. justin dylan says:

    Look every women and pussy pisses their pants for irish fighters its their time i dont get it growing up in australia we think irish people are non important in our life ,gimmick not real fakes little men with big egos ……i never ever give a shit about st patricks and would fight connor for rent todays fighters are business men not fighters

  59. vo2mex says:

    Whatever, let them fight it out. Who cares.

  60. adda plaster says:

    Crackhead alcoholic Conor McChicken is a prick…nobody likes him, not even in Ireland. Send me Location.
    Watch out the Russians are coming.

  61. Ramb0sama says:


  62. Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago says:

    doing lines makes it easier to cross lines

  63. Euryale Music says:

    Chael the Prophet,

  64. Bik Thapa says:

    If he dOnt cross the line u ll have nothing to talk about #realshit.

  65. Christopher Whiteside says:

    Least he never took PEDs Chael eh?

  66. big toe says:

    is it ok to call a man in jail a chicken ,which refers to jail inmates being used as sex objects .

  67. kantkeepstill says:

    Anderson Silva, and the population of Brazil, are all calling Chael a hypocritie on this McGregor insulting Khabibs wife and religion 😂

  68. Boxer Dog says:

    Interesting perspective on Conor by Chael. I dont think he is far off on this one. Conor knows how to play the game.

  69. Ecologist Maximum says:

    Khabib is so in Conors head. Conor must be coked out of his head looking through photos of Khabib trying to dig up dirt.
    So much for all that money and fame. What a sad guy!

  70. justin dylan says:

    Aint noone talking sense thats taken 10000 blows like chael

  71. mantelmann13 says:

    Conor did not cross a line. Khabib crossed a line by wrapping and hiding a female human being.

    • Zakaria Bougroug says:

      Its a wedding. Christians do it too. Look at the royal wedding in Britain.

  72. Rum Braker says:

    I started watching this then realized why the fuck am I listening to chaels opinion on anything other than how to be a shitbag

  73. EarthSurferUSA says:

    People are too sensitive today. It is getting to the point where actual laws are being made because somebody got offended. I dont think enough people understand how dangerous those type of laws are. Hey, I grew up hearing a lot of Pollock jokes from individuals, big deal! Compared to some I heard, this Conor joke is puppy poop. How about this for a better attitude:
    You cant offend me, unless I give you permission! Stop being so damn sensitive, or you will bleed to death from any tiny little arrow thrown your way.

  74. WookDizz18 says:

    A muslim calling someone a rapist LMAO isnt there religion based off a prophet who had sex with a 9yr old?

  75. Kyle Stewart says:

    I believe Khabib’s name is meant to be pronounced “hab-eeb”

  76. Viggo Labbé says:

    The more I learn about Conor the lower my opinion of anything Irish goes down and down.

  77. Burgess Meredith says:

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to low kick baby calves to work on his technique.

  78. Jeff Willingham says:

    Uncle Chael is taking too much of the cbd/thc hybrids. Didn’t he make jokes about kids in Brazil playing with sticks in the mud? You’re still GOAT chael

  79. Kyle Ludlow says:

    Hahahahah one guy called another guys wife a towel Lmfao Hahahahah its so stupid but is funny lmao a towel lol

  80. Jacob Smith says:

    How is saying your wife’s a towel mate any worse than saying your ex wife used to make money using her mouth lol

  81. Obey 11 says:

    Your wife is a towel

  82. GENOCIDE2099 says:


  83. Rohan Banerjee says:

    Didnt Chael say something about Titos ex…

  84. Omer Mohamed says:

    His discrating from the NYT rape case THat came out the same day!!

  85. justin dylan says:

    Only nerds know khabibs last name like who gives a fuck if u cant sell talk the fight you have no fight talk good english if you want to work in english talking countries shit what kind of worker could an aussie do in non english country as good a fighter you are i need to hear those 5 w words aswel cunts x

  86. Expired Memory says:

    Khabib is an asshole

  87. Kay Hass says:

    Conor is a rat bastard, racist cunt

  88. Antoniyo Henriko says:

    Everybody saying Connor said that about khabib wife because she was a Muslim , I dont think it was she was a Muslim , Connor said it because she look like a tower on her head , I think people looking more into it , call Connor a racist , khabib and is wife are white , You should respect people wives in the fight game , I think Connor said it has a joke ,

  89. Philip Roberts says:

    She had a towel over the entirety of her head and he said you married a towel…what’s so bad? If she was dressed as a baseball and he said you married a baseball would anyone care?

  90. daytona says:

    Look at Chaels video list . All the ones with Conor in the title has the highest views

  91. Chris Simon says:

    To me, the only time mcgregor crosses the line was the bus incident. Talking about religion isn’t off limits words are just words

  92. Stanislav Zaverukha says:

    Even chael needs Conor McGregor, he doesnt get this much veiws normally

  93. 84slaughter says:

    Everybody Needs To Stop Being Sensitive Cunts, Its Fighting And There Are No Lines!

  94. Dream Girls Daily says:

    1:26 Chael picks a booger, then rolls it on his fingers, then wipes it on his pants between his legs.

  95. David R1978 says:

    People have all gone soft these days in fear of offending some daft snowflake. I lost respect in Conor after finding out he cheated on his wife but his jokes with Khabib are comedy gold.

  96. undecided content says:

    Plot twist, its a goat 😆

  97. Mert Munson says:

    9:58 the only man in the world who can be breaking down the drama for 10 minutes, then proclaim I didnt get into all the drama, then break the drama down for another ten minutes and convince you he did not get into all the drama. There is only one Chael P. Sonnen

  98. Flatulence The Unending says:

    Chael do you ever shut up

  99. WookDizz18 says:

    If Conor had said Your wifes a blanket. instead of towel it would have had the same impact?

  100. mriziga rouiass says:

    nice said Chael. Respect from Morocco.