Mcgregor vs khabib event

В итоге Хабибу удалось перевести захват в удушающий приём. Хабиб Нурмагомедов: национальный герой или хулиган?

Live updates: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov – UFC | Newshub

Back and forth they go, standing right in front mcgregor vs khabib event each other but neither fighter throwing with much power. Khabib needs to work some offense now to avoid being stood up. They seperate and Reyes lands another heavy kick, varying his shots nicely.

Volkov tumbles like a mighty Kauri, Leiws follows up with some massive shots from above and the referee steps in.

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В Лас-Вегасе же Нурмагомедов больше приезжать не намерен — во всяком случае. И у каждого для этого есть mcgregor vs khabib event причины. Ввиду годичного отсутствия Нурмагомедова наверняка будет введен титул временного чемпиона в легкой категории. Preux looks to clinch but Reyes separates and lands a straight right.

Conor McGregor vs Khabib: Notorious to clash with Khabib at UFC 229 press and fan event

Waterson gets the nod! Да здравствует король? На следующий день он вышел на октагон и в титульном поединке добыл победу над Элом Яквинтой, а вместе с ней и принадлежавший Макгрегору пояс чемпиона в лёгком весе..

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110 Responses to Mcgregor vs khabib event

  1. HABIB UR REHMAN says:

    That day was the most brutal rape in history. .brother Habib raped him ! His dignity taken away from him …HE got brutalised. .mctapper and his so called mctapper team are finished they will never stand on there two feets again. .

  2. shaikh afroz says:

    Khabib is the world famous now after beating and smashing tap machine

  3. jefri Gdragon says:

    Banyak mat salleh yahudi bodoh kat sini.. org kafir kalau cakap mmg best je.. bodoh.. dah kalah tu kalah laa..

  4. thakingofcolumbus 614 says:

    Khabib is goat of ufc

  5. Maria Zizu says:

    Khabib Khabib better than conner

  6. brocode says:


  7. Ken W. Simpson says:

    McGregors dirty big mouth aided and abetted by Dana White was the cause of the conflict.

  8. Efs says:

    Wow, Ive heard McGregor was a good fighter but I never knew he was a Great Idiot.. No sportsmanship, so sad. Id be ashamed to be associated with him.

    • Top Banana says:

      @Efs obviously he will insult khabib he’s trash talking like he does with every opponent. Also Conor hates khabib so you can’t expect him to be nice and friendly to him can you

    • Efs says:

      Dis you see how McGregor was insulting habib during the press conference.. Sad a Champ with no class. Then again, i know they are freighters. What should we expect.

    • Top Banana says:

      @Efs lol Conor showed no sportsmanship? What about when khabib jumped the fence and attacked mcgregor team?

  9. kobito akey says:


  10. Isaac Max says:

    Conor wouldn’t even look at khabib during the face off. One thing to talk shit when you know they wont touch you. Another when they close the gate and it’s just you and a beast ready to kill.

  11. Enel kingman says:

    Conor and his fans got beat up that day 😂😂😂

  12. tgredgjufcb jrrxkkfvlo says:

    Mcgregor loosser

  13. Ahmad SA says:

    all the best to khabib

  14. Humanity Science says:

    Khabib khabib just this chant

  15. Agus Gus says:

    Me from brunei : we love u khabib… allahu akhbar!

  16. Riz Rizzu says:

    always best player win…. khabib is the best

  17. muhammad hisyamuddin says:

    Fuck mcgregor and dana white. Fucking pussies!

  18. Ashka 17 says:

    Hahahaha salty fan of Conor why u didnt tell about Conor disrespectful to khabib and Conor has broken the bus of khabib team . Why ?
    U fucking stopid like Conor . Ur so poor try to blame khabib but all the world knows khabib is right and teaching some lessons to Conor and his idiot fans. ..

  19. Anjum malik says:

    Love khabib

  20. Bookem Danno says:

    Attica! Attica! Attica! Oops, wrong video. Sorry.

  21. Farhan Yousaf says:

    Its just a game but you shouldnt talk about Islam if you do this you face lots of Muslim. Boycott UFC……..

  22. mi woman of Gd roGd says:

    whatever happend,religion have nothing to do with a sport.
    peoples of all religions win all sports.
    its not the religion but luck.

  23. kobito akey says:

    Like connor

  24. dritan tahiraj says:

    Truth is fat Dana allowed Conor and the bellend crew to insult khabib and his team a bit too much he allowed racist remarks constantly and what happens as a result is khabib reacted anyone would do the same any man wouldn’t take that shit especially not from a clown like danis the bitch

  25. Cyrus Radcliff says:

    Why dont they do the group MMA fighting like they do in other countries just let everybody brawl it out

  26. Tommy Johnstone says:

    Thanks for the video mate

  27. Jacob Glenman says:

    Irish fans still mad @ khabib 😁

  28. kitty cat says:


  29. shaari mohd amin says:

    whiskeyman are the biggest shit in mma disgrase the sport man…

  30. mark anthony says:

    Remember guys Dana prevent a lot of kabib fans of going to the arena to cheer for kabib.

  31. Mayur Salvi says:

    Real champion is conor MacGregor

  32. Reva Suarga says:

    Khabib is the beast UFC💪💪✊✊👍👍
    Conor mcgregor is loser and kafir syaitan 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  33. mahmoud helaly says:

    المهم انة فشخة المغرور دا
    اللة يحمية

  34. Widad Ahmad says:

    Khabib memang pahlawan intenasional yg sosok pahlawan olahraga yg sportif patut di tauladani

  35. Nawang Bhutia says:

    You may have lost this fight Connor but youre still & will remain my all time favourite..

  36. Blue_Az Az says:

    Conor will destroy khabib in a rematch. Khabib lost a round for the first time in hes UFC career.

    • Etertoix Carries _ says:

      Blue_Az Az lmao khabib destroyed conor he beat the crap out of him

  37. Harsh Mehta says:

    Fuck Conor …bitch

  38. Raja Fahad says:

    I love u khabi b

  39. tarip Chakma says:

    Khabib kick made dillion famous

  40. Kevin Parmenter says:

    Khabib and his crew are straight bitch

  41. Javeed Javeed says:

    i like you

  42. Kasey Cook says:

    I feel bad for Connor because he is a beast

  43. mark anthony says:

    Dana was too emotional after his main wife got destroyed.

  44. J E says:

    conors fan got their asses kicked too 😂😂

  45. Zahid Km says:

    We love Khabib.He is very honest and best fighter.Conor need to learn from Khabib.Good luck Khbib.Almighty Allah with you.😍

  46. Kavina Khadgi says:

    Fuck Conor..

  47. Chris Hudkins says:

    Fuck mcgregor lil pussy and Dillon

  48. Yaskul Ali says:


  49. Dan Lucas says:

    Connor part of the 20 million club now. Believes he is invincible. He has been arse raped many times buy the elite. Its been proved he is an average fighter with 4 tap out to his name. How did he get so big so quick you must ask. How and why was he fast tracked to a 155 title shot. He sold his soul simple as that. And all the talk is just bullshit same as the boxing exhibition. It was always in the contract to stop it on 10 rounds its a respectable way to go out it was as fake as CNN. other fighters win 10 in a row and still dont get respect. What we call a CHAV in the UK becomes a massive world star for talking like a teen. Aint buying it never have. Khabib dropped him and Floyd couldnt. Come on folks is all just pantomime.

  50. Badhan’ite 3251 says:

    From (punjab) used to be connor fan but hate him now

  51. Mo Has says:

    Khabibi 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤️

  52. report clickbait says:

    Mf same old shit. Whats new happened?..its written past he fought like pussy.

  53. Rajan Neupane says:

    Mc gregor was the king . He is the king . He will be the king .🙏

  54. deen kalam says:

    Connor ya likkle pssy!

  55. Vic Rattlehead says:

    Its Khabib vs Conor, not the other way around. Hespect the Champ

  56. Mrvolvo Mrvolvo says:

    Mampus kau kafir….mampus lah kamu dalam kekafiran

  57. Mustaqim Al Hadi Sis says:

    Ez win

  58. aron valdez says:

    Next, irak vs America who win

  59. Get a Hobby says:


  60. Nenad ИС XC Shuput says:

    1:15 Kabib spits on Conor then goes over to throw his mouth guard at the team

  61. Jay Ali says:

    Dana is soo gay for mcgregor!!!

  62. karim HD says:

    I know it hurts a lot of idiot westerners.
    Deal With it
    Learn to loose
    Feel it
    Drink a cup of water to swallow it

  63. Roy Scott says:

    Conor has turned into a cheap mouth bastard. He deserved to get his ass beat. By Khabib …and his team. He insulted that man, his home, his family, and his religion…and called him a terrorist!

  64. Badal Shrestha says:

    Khabib is king

  65. Sher-E- Islam says:

    anybody who saw cornor vs nate recntly……conor was gored to death

  66. Notorious ralte says:

    I cant play it

  67. IRFAN Lubis123 FAN says:

    Apa cuma aku yg orang indonesia. 😂😂

  68. Sazan sazan Rai says:

    Khabib should not do that on cornor team des is not a good sportsmanship.

  69. Moto Tini says:

    Khabib is a bitch

  70. Tameem Malik says:

    Khabib is not begging for belt u mother fucker

  71. jam last says:

    Fuck Muslim

  72. king wolf says:

    Khabib 👑💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👑

  73. Albert R. says:

    This kind of reminds me of what happened in Houston about 7 years ago… They had an amateur MMA gym in downtown… They held an amateur fight… After the fight it pretty much looked like this video… When the brawl hit the street 6 people were shot dead because three Fighters were assaulting anyone and everyone in sight… No self-control at all… Those three Fighters will never fight again theyre dead… You never know what the man sitting across from you is willing and able to do to you if you fuck with him…

  74. John City guy says:


  75. Ayaz Bin Ali says:

    khabib khabib love u 😍😍

  76. Game Play says:

    Khabib is the king now

  77. Yaskul Ali says:

    IMA big fan of khabib i love him so much he is humble smart and strong and not like conor shut talking and then dying

  78. Jalolov Otajon says:

    Xabib ofarin

  79. Tatik Tatik says:

    Conor dog end fuck

  80. The Shinjen says:

    DAMN Khabib turn connor into a burrito

  81. Ali Özdemir says:

    Fuck connor

  82. Hefrain Malunez says:

    Conor is stupid, Irish people is great except him

  83. Sulu Imli says:

    Conor McGregor is a sick man 🐸

  84. КАЛКОН НАЗАРОВ says:

    Xabeb 👍☝️

  85. md.shamsher alam says:

    Gd jb khabib.we lv u .4rm India

  86. Emanuele Dionisi says:

    Vaffanculo a tutta la famiglia di khabib

  87. Ravi Seven says:

    I think that happened to create hype for their next fight and to sell tickets cause at the end this is business

  88. Kasim Mirza says:

    Khabib no 1

  89. Mad Dog says:

    Kabab is a Muslim. That explains everything he does and excuses nothing.

  90. Farhan Yousaf says:

    Banned UFC

  91. Roger Harrison says:

    A1 content, keep up the good work.

  92. Gvo.colby says:

    Fuck khabib 😂

  93. Neslie Niog says:

    Dillon was a coward that is it, !

  94. Sam Zadah says:

    You know who likes Conor Mcgregor no matter what he does? Fuck boys

  95. Khyoda Joy says:

    Kill down conors team…..fuck conor..overattitude

  96. hwhack says:

    Stupid MMA people. This is why I just shoot them from 10ft away. So much easier.

  97. MMA FOCUS says:

    *FOOTAGE of Conor McGregor altercation with old man at a pub in Dublin*

  98. Jimmy Ireland says:


  99. Khaled Jamil says:

    i know this is old but if conor comes in to abu dabi ufc 242 there is no way he can escape now 🤣🤣 he would die this time

  100. mamot unggala says:

    alhadulillah khiabib the winner… we love u. from philippines