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The title fight will be the culmination of a long feud between the two that resulted in a chaotic scene earlier this year, when McGregor threw a dolly at a bus that Nurmagomedov and other fighters were on. Read on to see who the Bleacher Report MMA staff thinks will win, what might happen on the undercard and more.

Who Wins? When mcgregor vs khabib picks How? His takedowns, top control and ground-and-pound will be too much for the ring-rusty McGregor, who will wilt over the course of ish grueling minutes of action. McGregor, KO, second round. He will get an opportunity to exchange with Nurmagomedov within the first two rounds, and that is where he lands cleanly for the TKO finish.

McGregor vs Nurmagomedov: Picks and Predictions

Nurmagomedov by TKO, third round. If McGregor can circle smartly and stay in the middle of the cage, he will eventually catch Khabib with a solid punch.

McGregor, knockout, Round 3. He is respectful and praises his opponent. The fight world is like that. No reason to think this is different.

Preux or former interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson for styling on former champ Anthony Pettis. He could be the future of the division, and all his performances have reinforced that line of thought. He is skilled and coming into his own, and a good showing against Derrick Lewis with whom he matches up well will put him in line for a title shot.

No one will remember it by the end of the night.

Why Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov is the perfect fight

The record is around 1. Will it hit 2. But I think mcgregor vs khabib picks will come close to two million, at least. It will still do well over a million and might even reach that 1. Combine that celebrity with a legitimate grudge match, and you have the ingredients for record-setting box office magic.

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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116 Responses to Mcgregor vs khabib picks

  1. Abang Kacak says:

    I think conor win by hit khabib brother with cheap shot

  2. Baintan Unto says:

    I think Khabib win not connor. Khabib his a great fighter.

  3. Wisam AC says:

    Mads Burnell wow, its like he saw the fight before, same as Jason Knight, great PRE-analysis

  4. lowshay says:

    Khabib is still the Champ

  5. Richie mC says:

    Hype riders hilarious

  6. Niyaz Zamanov says:

    Where y’all Connor dick riders at ! Shut ur fucking mouth

  7. crfdln says:

    All the ppl that picked Conor looked pretty stupid now — they are bozos. Khabib made the better strikes in the fight….Conor looked like a patsy.

  8. Jeff Russell says:

    I would love to see Connor be the guy to take the 26-0 away from Kabib however I dont think Connor is coming out on top this time. I do hope he does.

  9. dritan tahiraj says:

    All these dumb pros getting it wrong lol guessing mcdonkey winning when in reality khabib mauled the bitch

  10. Big Sexay says:

    Welp…comment section really age well

  11. Owen Thunderguns says:

    Conor KO early round 2.

  12. posh dosh says:

    lol all the ala people people put extra chaa on his name chaakhabib

  13. Delhi Delirium says:

    I find myself at 2:40 , patiently waiting for Nate Diaz to drop one of his usual ´Area 51 abductee type of comments … wish me luck …

  14. David Oh says:

    This was my easiest bet this year. Every time that quitter faces adversity, he tapps.

  15. Arteh says:


  16. salvatore mannino says:

    one of the most used argument has been that Khabib has outwrestled everybody. Conor is not everybody. He is on another level. Khabib will, WILL! go to sleep

  17. Jack Sparrow says:

    Watching this after the fight. Khabib was better on the feet and on the ground. 😂🤣😂

  18. Justin Harmon says:

    The winner is both of their bank accounts

  19. I SEE ORBS says:

    Nate whooped his arse on the ground.
    Just imagine what Khabib will do.

  20. abdulaziz yalahow says:

    Khabib Alhamdulillaah praise be to God,

  21. Linda Thomas says:

    Conor has amazing striking power in his punch.He also has other great fighting abilities which he will use so he will win over khabib no doubt he will win

  22. abdiqani nor says:

    Khabib is the may weather of ufc

  23. tim scott says:

    I like khabib but hes such a boring fighter for the fans that style if fighting they dont like to watch I think thats why alot of fans want khabib to lose, Conor is electric and always gives the fans a show, me personally Im a Connor fan and want him to win but idk if thats gonna happen because his biggest weakness is khabibs expertize gonna be either a really good fight or a really boring fight Im just ready to watch

  24. rose anne says:

    conor bosssssiiiittttt,.fuck

  25. says:

    Fighters in order
    Stephen Thompson 0:07

    Glover Teixeira 0:30

    Darren Till 0:59

    Corey Anderson 1:12

    Jason Knight 1:43

    Nasrat Harqparast 2:04

    Michael Chiesa 2:13

    Gillian Robertson 2:18

    Marc Diakiese 2:33

    Anthony Smith 2:48

    Jimmie Rivera 3:31

    Sam Alvey 3:56

    Mads Burnell 4:12

    Danny Roberts 4:20

    Mauricio Shogun Rua 4:49

    Mirsad Bektic 5:17

    Khalid Taha 6:06

    Max Griffin 6:28

    Abu Azaitar 7:34

    Aljamain Sterling 8:59

    John Makdessi 10:48

  26. Niyaz Zamanov says:

    Eat ur words motherfuckers

  27. Conrad Verner says:

    The Fact is:
    Conor jumps fence to try/attack Aldo.
    Conor throws bottles at Diaz
    Conor jumps cage and hits a ref.and attacked(slapped) a bellator employee
    Conor throws a metal dolly at a bus window almost blinding someone. .
    Conor insults Khabibs dad, culture and religion.
    Conor bring and promote Whiskey ( alcohol) at SPORT conference
    Conor slapped khabibs arms down and tried to kick him at the weigh ins
    Conor was grabbing habibs gloves
    Conor grabbing the cage
    Conor threw illegal a knee to Khabibs head while they were on the ground..
    Conor taped like a chicken on the ground
    Conor hit/punch Khabib brother after fight
    Final results:
    Khabib apologized
    Khabib Father apologized
    Conor: fooken no apologized to no one?

    • MusiQ8dict says:

      World respect Khabib.

    • Harris Khan says:

      Im sure he apologized to his wife and kids and family for having his manhood taken on Live TV all across the world

  28. aaaaaaweareb says:

    Mashaa Allah Khabib beat that big mouth dirty nasty tongue in each round

  29. jeff green says:

    All the fighters on that terrorist payroll are going to say khabib wins smh!!!

  30. Mapogos Brothers says:

    Mads burnell on point

  31. asif malek says:


  32. M D says:

    For all the id iots who ask who won. Its khabib

  33. Qaiser Nasir says:


  34. African Fitness Legend says:

    1:14 he knew what he was talking about



  36. Eddie b says:

    Khabib nurmagomedov is the greatest of all time and his manager ali Abdelaziz is the best in the business

  37. Norbu Tsering says:

    Cultural difference between west and east. Asians like to be modest and humble on the surface , yet demonstrate ones ability through action and performance. Conor was too loud and looks odd when smashed down like sick dog

  38. Bjornex Yaziz says:

    Mc Gregor will win..he got DRAKE. Lmao

  39. Abdullah Ganiu says:

    i cant believe there are proffesionals who picked conor .. i mean dear god, whats wrong with them?! conor is not even a top 10 LW

  40. Christopher Bookwalter says:

    Wayyyyyyyyyyy too many ads on this video. Cant even get through a quarter of the video without seeing like 15 ads (over exaggerated, but still).

  41. Check This says:

    Khabib highjacked McGlassChin/McIQuit/McNoBalls/McProperTapOuts stand-up game before deleting his soul.

  42. Eric Lewis says:

    Khalabeeb is gonna maul stiopic.
    Wash that muffler you filthy savages

  43. Jason Cueto says:

    Tomorrow might they might as well play Welcome to the Jungle for Khabib. Hes coming into the biggest fight of his life against a very dangerous striker. Im almost dead 50 50 on the prediction. Guess we shall see tomorrow night

  44. morning star says:

    Khabib beat him in all department

  45. Node R says:

    Watching this after the fight. Khabib was better on the feet and on the ground.

  46. First Last says:

    I think objectively, now that the fight is history, CMs greatest weapon is his mouth. His mouth earned him 100 million in a loss to a forty yrear old FM, A loss to a better ju jitsu artist in Diaz, and an absolute mauling by a wrestling master in Khabib, and yet the dillusional MMA tv pundits r still trying to sell people the CM myth…Its downright shameful, and a disgrace.

  47. mohozul says:

    Tough fight my hairy arse

  48. ban b says:

    Mads burell 4:11 SPOT ON 😂😂😂

  49. rock dog says:

    All Conor has is a punchers chance against Khabib — thats all. No one will lose this fight.Both of them will be much richer after the fight. Id fight both of them at the same time for the money they are making. Id get beat up badly but id cry all the way to the bank after i left the hospital.

  50. VIP says:


  51. Danny Irish Greene says:

    Look at what Khabib did to a bigger dude in Barboza..And he took some head kicks…Conor isnt going to win..No way..I want him to but nope.

  52. Krav Magoo says:

    Im gonna have to take up MMA, because I want those sexy ears!!

  53. eg lavina says:

    To wrestle these Russian guys, you gotta be Russian lmfao

  54. texiss13 almughadwi says:


  55. Zechariah Young says:

    Muslims say Kabob.Christians say Connor. This is like, ask all the losers what they think. theres maybe 2 or 3 good thoughts in this.oh, FUCK islam!

  56. Dee M says:

    _Conors proven _*_time and time again_*_ hes just a chicken heart_ ??? 🤔 When, Sam Alvey? When? Well youve proven not too long that youve got a shit chin. Hows that migraine? You glass jaw fuckr you.

  57. Illyas Barzinie says:

    I dont understand dis black guys they support Connor and Connor is racist

  58. Rustam Shakirov says:

    These Conor comments are too good 🤣😂

  59. Ivo De Backer says:

    Stephen Thompson picks Conor now, in another video on YouTube he picks Khabib, now hes sure to get it right one time. My prediction: Connie breaks his leg stepping into the ring because hes drunk from his own whiskey brand (you know, the whiskey that made his last brain cells to die before he attacked the bus) and cant fight, forcing Dana White to substitute for Connie and give Khabib enough money to go lie on the floor and act like hes being knocked out cold. So, in short: Dana wins at 0:00 seconds in the first round, and he will reward himself the fight of the night bonus, challenging Mike Tyson for his next fight afterwards

  60. STRATMAN 60 says:

    So, Ive watched them both. Khabib gets hit a lot. My concern is Conner can hit. If Khabib gets past a couple shots hes the win. Thats what Im hoping also. But hard to call.

  61. Irfy - Nator says:

    Before the fight conors worshippers ko 1st 5 seconds ko round 2 conors too good conor will out grapple him
    After the fight conors worshippers he was out for 2 years he stopped a few takedowns he won round 3 proper 12
    Overall the whole fight, khabib without a mark on his face out grappled and out struck conor
    *********THE END*******

  62. Samretheany Yim says:

    I predicted Khabib choke out Conor

  63. Baintan Unto says:

    100. 10% the winner is KHABIB💪💪💪💪💪

  64. Mozibur Rahman says:

    Whos here after watching the fight

  65. Intelligenkeit says:

    im not for kabib or connor, i just wanna watch a decent fight and entertainment, but why are people talking about kabib is good at wrestling he won cause of wrestling? kabib won the boxing too… he just snaped connor a bunch of times hard… why are people talking like, kabib had no chance standing up? dont get it..

  66. I SEE ORBS says:

    Fook Conor

  67. Eric says:


  68. arievbagosdewe cah bagos says:

    pick up mc Chiken Now Get Full of Shit in his Mount

  69. Matthew Wells says:

    Problem is khabib not choosing to beat folks up for 3 rounds , remember only one 5 round fight, for khabib , goes distance cuz his power when striking from ground isn’t something any fighter ever came out saying he hits so hard instead it’s he so strong to hold me down, he eats touched every fight and never fought a top five guy n Conor’s hands are exceptional and powerful he gna touch him just like everyone else and he gna go down throw in south paw factor and his ability to keep it off the cage and as much as I was concerned khabib May walk thru him I’m realizing that Conor gna take this n he is going to make it look easy only due to his style vs how others have looked against khabib , a lot of these guys look not astonished by khabib but as if all the talk leading up is fact and it’s oh he has me down n defeated but look at raging al he def just fought n reacted def was taken down n immediately concerned he got up n kept trying n took khabibs little ground punches , beleive me I wouldn’t want to be under khabib n the dude is a savage just being extremely finicky due to the level , and I have never heard a guy he fought talk about how hard hits after a fight , he has never truly fought a top five competitor has one 5 round he great fighter but when looking at facts on paper n watching past fights n who he fought including the bs never lost around when there is an actual decision he should’ve lost he hasn’t done legendary shit past his 26 record which ten are in ufc with Johnson Barbaza and frankenpettis being only notables mention frankenpettis was forever ago n he hadn’t found himself yet , idk khabib pulled from almost as many fights as he has had , show me in his ufc career what makes him this legend world beater when one of the only named fighters who actually in down slope in Johnson rocked him? We will see how it plays out

  70. Destero says:

    On 6. October, what he gonna do?

  71. DTWD 904 says:

    It is a proven FACT that Conor is a better fighter and that will show on Saturday night. End of story.🇮🇪

  72. Kal Masombi says:

    Exactly like Khabib said: he will make Conor tap like a bitch. Conor has now lost 3 out of his 5 fights. HOW NOTORIOUS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. FUGYOO says:

    McCracker always performs the unbelievable. When he knocks Shishkabibs ass out, see who crys Allah Snackbar. Those who pick Shishkabib will be sucking Irish taters…again. You have to lose a few to be humbled enough to be the king. Shitkabib has won 26 fights against who? Fuck allah

  74. pupsamson777 says:

    Kabiiiib time!!!! Stick to fighting buses you irish quitter!

  75. Andi Andi says:

    Mampus lo anjing mcgregor

  76. tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ says:

    Khabib is going to beta Conor easily…Ive never been wrong.

  77. Ernest Kabil says:

    Damn kahbib fucked him up standing up too 😂

  78. Matt M says:

    Conor might tap to ground strikes in rd 4.

  79. Dutch Resistance says:

    Not only did Khabib do his normal mauling, but he also delivered the fights single best punch!

  80. TheMrEpicsounds says:

    Khabib talk now nurmagoatmedodhdbddov

  81. SHAHZEB ZIA says:

    Turned out Mcgregor got Mauled. Was a one sided super fight.

  82. Lucky Mack says:

    Foook all y’all.. Connor’s gonna knock his nose 👃 in the stands 💯💯

  83. KOOLVIDKID says:

    Welp any more Con Mcnugget defenders who dont know shit about mma or boxing(Cons strenghts lol) still think hes gonna win the fight? Haaaaaaa!

  84. Harris Khan says:

    I have never ever heard anyone compliment Conners personality and moral that is insane how can someone be such a shitty human being its mind boggling. NOT ONE FIGHTER vouched for his morals or ethics lol Irish clown drunk bastard

  85. Robin Stawinski says:

    Pretty sure Dana gonna walk about filthy rich

  86. hey there says:

    Darren Till looks exactly like Brendan Gallagher what in the hell

  87. Joe Hidalgo says:

    I believe that Khabib ends McGregor’s career with a camorra to his left arm. Khabib has already stated that he will probably retire after this fight so I think he is looking to end Connor‘s career, which would in turn end his. Remember back when MMA first started how shocking it was to see a man kick out another man’s teeth or twist an arm until it snapped?!? I think we are going to look back at this fight and view it as the beginning of the end of this type of fighting as we know it. This is not going to end well and the fighting will not be limited to the octagon. Dana White will not be prepared for the violence that will erupt after this fight. I pray no one dies during this event and Dana….you allowed this to spiral out of control in your quest to sell more tickets. This really is quite terrifying to think about…

  88. Juan Manuel Tournet says:

    So jealeous on Conor

  89. STAY CLINT says:

    Khabib wins in 4th [ this is inside information from match fixing ]

  90. Jo Manva says:

    Conor got mauled by the eagle/bear Khabib Nurmagomedov

  91. EZ SLIDE says:

    Lmaoo at Sam Alvey and Mads Burnell predictions. They really didnt hold back about what they thought conors chances were.

  92. Andrei MO says:

    Smart last days promotion technique for this fight, the Drinking guy vs the Gods guy.

  93. Maison David says:

    Conor fans: i sense jealousy in the fighters picking khabib….

  94. joey ayroso says:

    Khabib is more wrestling with strong and power punches. Mcgregor is more on boxing only with power punces also. But the important things of Mcgregor is on timing. If he can not get by timing Khabib well he will over powered by Khabib at all cause. Once Khabib set-up Mcgegor in the corner thats it…..Power punches will recieved by Mcgregor and he have get out immediately by Khabib struggling. Khabib might be setup by submission…..thats what I see……..

  95. agafoorsyed says:

    All the WHITE TRASH RACIST CUNTS in the comments box who gave their opinion solely based on racial affinity now having proper piss from their tears. Fook off!!

  96. The Suffering says:

    4:12 is the truth

  97. Alex Martons says:

    Khabib Alhamdulillah

  98. Troll Lol says:

    27-0 Just happened. Enjoy the conor wins predictions to all those mcgregor dick riders he just got bitch slapped

  99. TLOU and the rest says:

    Mob picks who wins. Silence big

  100. dimetilldeath says: