Mcgregor vs khabib ticket prices

McGregor Vs Khabib Ticket Prices for UFC ; How and When can you Buy Tickets?

Pettis bout was added to the UFC card, the heavyweight showdown between Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov was bumped from the co-main event slot.

Nik Lentz Lightweight Scott Holtzman vs. The UFC stripped the titles from him when he did not defend either of them.

I am a freelance writer who has covered a wide variety of topics over the years. With an event of this magnitude, many are likely planning on heading to T-Mobile Arena to catch the action live.

Conor McGregor vs Khabib tickets: How do I get UFC 229 tickets and when are they on sale?

Jose Quinonez Follow me on Twitter. McGregor card on Oct. With the win, McGregor became the first UFC fighter to hold titles in two different weight divisions at mcgregor vs khabib ticket prices same time. Tony Martin Michelle Waterson vs.

The UFC announced the ticket pricing for UFC , and ESPN’s Ariel Helwani provided that information. UFC just officially announced the ticket prices for the Khabib vs. McGregor card on Oct. 6, which go on sale this week: $2,, $2,, $1,, $1,, $, $, $, $, $, $, $ — Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) August 14, Oct. 6 is fast approaching, and below you can have a look at the UFC fight card that has been set as we eagerly anticipate the showdown between Nurmagomedov and McGregor in Las Vegas. Fight.

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105 Responses to Mcgregor vs khabib ticket prices

  1. Toxic Carnage says:


  2. s s says:


  3. Tony Youll says:

    Looking back on this in retrospect. Conor looks like an absolute child.

  4. Cyrus Nicavera says:

    Came back to watch this after pacquiao thurman fight. Lol🤣🤣🤣

  5. SwiftlessYT Vlogs says:

    McGregor: Smash Me! Smash Me!
    Khabib: It will be long night for him

  6. Tahir Tariq says:

    haha what Gregor cartoon is doing in MMA? 😂🤣 mamamamama
    He should be of no morals n values

  7. germvargas says:

    Double barrel shot gun to an old timer

  8. Luke Coupland says:

    Wow Connor mcgregor is pathetic

  9. HASSAN MALIK says:

    Show mcgrenor this video..he will piss in his pants

  10. Sloth h says:

    I use to be such a HUGE Conor fan but he really turned into a complete asshole after the Mayweather fight and this whole press conference felt so artificial and fake. He fully deserved everything he got.

  11. Mister Tee says:

    Khabib smashing that stupid donkey was wonderful

  12. Marwan Manowar says:

    lets ressal lets ressal lets ressal

  13. Târéēñ Ãfghäñ says:

    McGregor is a motherfucker fuck McGregor khabib is the best player in the world

  14. L hanif says:

    Lets wrestle Lets wrestle Lets wrestle

  15. wha 70 says:

    Khabib vs Nate would be cool to

  16. PhilipSolzz says:

    “I’m cum here for smash this guy”

    *woah didn’t know you felt that way about Conor*

  17. J K says:

    How much of that proper twelve did he have😂, he seemed kinda drunk

  18. Farzana Haq says:

    Got knocked out clean like a bitch..

  19. Garrett Egan says:

    Khabib vs colby end of 2019

    • QuEsT X. BoXiNg says:

      That will end in the first rd khabib is on another level

  20. Mehdi Khadem says:

    So funny to watch this a year later 😀 khkhk

  21. Aamir Ali says:

    Who Is here for Khabib 😍
    Khabib LOve frOm Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Who is in 2019 August 😋

  22. Speen2ween says:

    Connor is so fucking professional my god

  23. Sofiane Sch Sofiane says:

    the best fight in the world

  24. Chapter Milk says:

    slient lion is good then a barking god

  25. IX_ AT3K says:


    He got fucked

  26. Mr. Goffernak says:

    Who is here after Mcgregor hit an old man

  27. Hamid Saleem says:

    Im glad khabib fucked em

  28. Bryan Linville says:

    Conors mouth wrote a check his ass couldnt cash

  29. Rainman says:

    IDC if he lost,he still made me laugh my balls off at this presser and we got a few great memes from this…lmao..murmurmurmurmur….lets wrestle,lets wrestle….

  30. Zyzz says:

    McChicken is the biggest pussy in the UFC

  31. Philip Pearson says:

    Didnt work did it Conor? 😂 twat.

  32. Charanko says:

    Imagine Khabib vs Manny Pacquiao in boxing/ufc, their trash talk will be like

    Manny: hes a great fighter
    Khabib: no, hes a great fighter
    Manny: oh come on
    Khabib: yes?

    Both of them surely great and humble. I like them

  33. Vijay kumar says:

    You tap like chicken.

  34. William Robert says:

    Lets Wrestle
    — Conor Mctapper

  35. Foyjul Amin says:

    As soon as he said but you knew thats it khabib has it not gonna lie mctapkings suit is banging

  36. Sa yan says:

    When i was very young boy and was bullied from other kids, then My Grandfather told me couple of times that if someone has a very rude behavior towards me, like Conor‘s to Khabib for example, That means he is scared from and he or she doesn’t want you to know it so they try to hide it with bad behavior like this.

  37. Omi Hasan says:

    he talk like a dog. khabib talk like a lion

  38. W.T.C 1990 says:

    Khabib made Connor say uncle

  39. Arman Views says:

    Idk why this is so entertaining

  40. sardo numspa says:

    i think connor is a very good fighter but hes nutts

  41. SS Tomar says:

    Irish Chicken vs Russian butcher 😂😂😂😂…..

  42. Ahmad Galal says:

    2:07 — 2:08 Lets wrestle, lets wrestle! 🤣

  43. HRITIK SINHA says:

    Khabib love from India ♥♥😍

  44. TZ ;D says:

    Maybe what conor did was wrong but the true is ,,,,, Khabib was the one who started this whole thing 😀

  45. Khol Ke Dekho says:

    Have watched it several times.. this one of most darker press conference ever.. I am Conor fan.. but respect for kabib the way he handle the press conference.. end of the game was tragedy for kabib but conor deserve it.

  46. Hbsb Lkk says:

    Conor lost the fight in this press conference, you can tell he was already shaken.

  47. Jack Fahy says:

    When not in the UFC, Conor is irrelevant.

  48. Don Kurdi says:

    To be fair, Conor did not underperform in UFC 229. He couldve won any other opponent. But Khabib is just another level.

  49. BB Generation says:

    LETS RESAL. Lol anyone 2019

  50. Wilhelm Hesse says:

    Karma is real… 😂🤔😂

  51. Jishan Ahmad says:

    Conor called Dana , hey mother fact can u delete this vedio

  52. MS Khan says:

    he mocked Jesus PBUH .. = choked out by Diaz in the fight
    he mocked islam.. = Choked out by khabib to death … still dont learn

  53. Tigger Lama says:

    1:41 murmurmurmurmur beginning of the meme

  54. Tahir Tariq says:

    Corner Meg looks frustrated bcoz lack of religious believes n descipline

  55. Nesto And Roberto says:

    Mcgregor was so mad that his accent really came out of him

  56. PJ Dexter says:

    This was embarrassing for Conor, hilarious he got smashed.

  57. CUSTOMER IS always KING says:

    he smashed you alhamdulilah the universe gave what you asked lol

  58. yaxye ck says:


  59. Luis Reyes says:

    Connor got destroyed

  60. Sunny Kay says:

    Conor is so embarrassing. LOL wtf. He’s nothing without the crowd.

  61. royal boys says:

    khabib ne gand mardi conor ki🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Crick World says:

    His opponent got good lesson from him

  63. Shakur 93 says:

    Mamamamama Chicken McGregor 😅

  64. Tnm Nm says:

    I think that Conor takes it deeeep

  65. Tahir Tariq says:

    for my non muslims bros

  66. SOVEREIGN -_- says:

    Swollen ears, khabibs right ear, Connors left ear, both swollen

  67. Hundred beast Kaido says:

    So glad that Irish son of a whore got beat badly fuck him and his stupid Irish bastard followers

  68. steve nash says:

    That mc Gregor is asshole only knows trashtalking

  69. Terminator Destroyer says:

    Haha can we please get a translator for Connor he doesnt speak real English!

  70. Asen Marinov says:

    Mcgregor make himself look like an idiot here. He had a point but he lied when he is saying “I am prepared for 5 rounds” he is never prepared for 5 rounds 😂😂😂😂

  71. algo says:

    wow this was edited in serious bias for conor mcgregor. wonder if dana cut it himself

    • Abdikadir Abdiwahid says:

      algo So Khabib fans always blaming dana for something. You guys must be in love with him.

  72. Noah Whyde says:

    Khabib was right about all of this. Conor got tired, his wresting stood zero chance. Khabib would tap him 10/10 times

    • Abdikadir Abdiwahid says:

      Noah Whyde he got some things wrong like Conor going back to pro boxing and smashing which is wrong Conor faces is still the same but his delusional fans just believe it

  73. Kova maps says:

    look at this clown then and now, khabib made him humble for real

  74. Rujewitblood says:

    someone needs to make a video of mcgregor talking and doing all these things himself

  75. maltouch says:

    Connor is arrogant and silly. Good to see him bitten up by Habib. Karma is strong

  76. Nicholas Thompson says:

    This aged well

  77. Tommy says:

    Connor Mcgreggor should take up TAP Dancing…all he does is Tap Out

    • Mr. Suhaib says:

      If that old guy had got McGregor in a headlock it wouldve been over.

  78. Gundega Vilumsone says:

    Ohh please, what a disgusting behaviour of OConnor. And why did they cut out the bit where he was insulting Khabibs family and religion ?

  79. Zakariya Ali says:

    3:40 the camera man looks scared as hell.

  80. Hector Martinez says:

    Say what ever u said connor have more balls then all of u ….

  81. Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL says:

    Conner cant back his trash talk up, khabib destroyed his ass

  82. KulinBan777 says:

    Punk ass kid from suburbs thinks he can scare someone who’s had bullets fly over his head

  83. TURBO MAN 94 says:

    It’s like Connor became depressed after making all that money from the Mayweather fight.

  84. christopher brown says:

    Khabib fucked him up

  85. john cena says:

    1:41 ma ma ma ma ma ahahahahahahahahah

  86. Мади Карл Ов says:

    1:40 Mamamamama

  87. JaCk fRoSt says:

    Khabib you are my IDEAS AND i respect you from my heart, i really want to become just like you #jack

  88. Yakuza Ohtani says:

    1:42 Conor regrets sayin that

  89. manusia biasa says:

    Mcgregor is shit

  90. Breath Of West Borneo says:

    After watched the fight this is like comedy stage

  91. abhishek says:

    Where are their mothers?

  92. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    Khabib is the man that do the job first and talk later…. Thats why i love him

  93. Ismaeel Naveed says:


  94. Derek Furreal says:

    Dude khabib is one cool mother fucker

  95. Tahir Tariq says:

    Religion is necessary for a discipline n success.

  96. TRUMP 2020 says:

    Dont think it was a good idea to ask him to wrestle with him

  97. Howdy Joe ! says:

    2:05. Honestly, did Conor really want to wrestle someone like Khabib ?😂😂

  98. Adnan Khan says:


  99. Saabastian A says:


  100. siyare Topman says:

    Makes me so freaking happy knowing this arrogant cu*t’s carrier is destroyed!!!!! Now this tapper is getting attention by knocking out old people where ever he sess 😡