Mcgregor vs khabib ufc fight

He talked about my religion, he talked about my country, he talked about my father. История турнира[ править править код ] Ожидалось, что хэдлайнером турнира станет поединок в лёгком весе между действующим чемпионом Хабибом Нурмагомедовым и бывшим чемпионом в полулёгком и лёгком весе Конором Макгрегором.

He wrote: «Good knock.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор: видео главного боя UFC — Чемпионат

В момент перелезания клетки Конор ударил Абубакара, из-за чего у этих двоих началась перепалка, потом на Макгрегора напали ещё несколько членов команды Нурмагомедова в октагоне.

Nurmagomedov then unleashed a vicious barrage of strikes before attempting a kimura, which McGregor expertly defended. Первоначально UFC планировала промежуточный титульный бой между Нурмагомедовым и победителем TUF 13 Тони Фергюсономно он был отменён из-за того, что у россиянина возникли медицинские проблемы в день взвешивания, связанные с его весом.

Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже готовы встретить своих кумиров. Mcgregor vs khabib ufc fight was complete chaos. A chorus of boos rang out around the arena as Nurmagomedov mcgregor vs khabib ufc fight to move into the mount position, which he was dangerously close to getting.

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Khabib jumped out the octagon. That question will be answered in a matter of hours. The stoppage came with a little over a minute of the third round left on the clock and with Holtzman in full mount position. The year-old dominated Tonya Evinger from the get-go, tagging her with multiple right hands from outside of the pocket..

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108 Responses to Mcgregor vs khabib ufc fight

  1. Tunis Omar says:

    Fuck conor!!!!

  2. Christian Yorke says:

    Khabib is a piece of shit

  3. Underattack hc_27 says:

    Fuck you conor mcgregor you bitch !

  4. Christian Tenorio says:

    Khabib mi ídolo

  5. Topsy-Turvy says:

    The cocky McTrashtalker becomes the pathetic McTapper when he faces a stronger fighter.

  6. Stirb einfach. says:

    Khabib is the best!


    1:12 sound like gun recoil wtf

  8. Shaun Thorton says:

    Moe, Larry and cheese , Moe, Larry and cheese..Ha

  9. Goh An says:

    Cristian is FUCK, Fuck Fuck fuck

  10. Asha Rani says:

    They deserved it

  11. Remember Baker says:

    Conor had about 5 Ls in one fight.

  12. Robert Majewski says:


  13. Ayden Chi says:

    No wonder hes muslim

  14. heftiger gee says:

    Khabib deserves a big dick in his ass…. Ugly motherfucker…

  15. Erkan Alagöz says:


  16. Brady Mccue says:


  17. Talib Hussain says:

    Love and respect my brother habib from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️🌹❤️

  18. Mohamed Hamdi says:

    The revenge inchallah for 01/2020

  19. Tyson Harris says:

    Was that fuckin vin diesel at the end? 😂

  20. Dini says:

    Conor Mcpussy…

  21. Md Khan says:

    When a coward loses he suddenly attacks the winners religion
    And this is what happens
    I love and respect you more than anything ❤️

    Westerners can make fun of their prophet their culture
    But we as Muslims respect n expect exact same

  22. Ibraheem Asfour says:

    Khabib is a 🐅 tiger
    He defeated them alone

  23. Brady Mccue says:

    Bboy goodness

  24. RAM5ARECORD says:

    All respect to Khabib!!
    Alhamdulillah ☝

  25. Danny Floyd says:

    Mc gregor got his A$$ KICKED TWICE

  26. TỪ VĂN PHƯỚC says:

    Fuck you khabib

  27. สราวุธ อุ่นโคตร says:


  28. madara uchiha 1999 says:

    Yes khabibi its a winner yes

  29. Gravis Absoluto says:

    La verdadera pelea, see!

  30. Rk Khan says:

    what happened actually

  31. Nuno Barros says:

    Well done for that idiot Conor and his sidekicks.
    Got spanked two times.

  32. Md Khan says:

    Love Khabib love you my brother

    May Allah bless you n protect you from evil

  33. A Daily Odyssey says:

    Connor a complete looser after talking all that trash

  34. Charef Tahar djebbar says:

    Allah akbar kabira

  35. Joe Sondys says:

    Thats justice for all the people that were on that bus when McGregor decided to cowardly throw a Dooley and break the windows and injure some of the fighters and others way to go mctaper you ruined your entire career in 1 moment of stupidity have a nice life

  36. Ceca Maric says:

    Khabib pusy

  37. Brady Mccue says:

    Hold fast we want a rerun mcgregor call to the wild baby

  38. Offensive Omen says:

    Just wish khabib was more fun to watch

  39. Cold Cave says:

    Muslim bums. We smoke all of you.

  40. Fjfkfkf Wkekdfkf says:

    Mc gregor like a chiken

  41. Brandon Anderson says:

    They were beating McGregor butt….you see him strink away after failed sucker punch.

  42. supermanguy1214 says:

    Fucking love it.

  43. Strions Em says:

    conor speak less now😂😂

  44. Christian Tenorio says:

    O era para que le tiren un patadon a conor

  45. Brady Mccue says:

    Joe sorry

  46. peter oakman says:

    Dirty Muslim bastards come to Dublin

  47. wildan wildan says:

    Haha. Muslim Wins. Yahudi and Nasrani loses

  48. Brady Mccue says:

    Bitches nm

  49. Shane Malone says:

    Dillon Dani’s boxed kabib around fuck the little terrorist prick

  50. Ali Kamol says:

    KHABIB IS 1👉💪👈☝🤘👊🖒👏

  51. Js Channel says:

    Conner is a bitch another traveller scum

  52. The One says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio almost got hit 😬

  53. Aaron Gerardo Gonzalez Lozano says:

    que bueno que le pegaron al McGregor

  54. CookiePeanutButter says:

    McGregor has very bad ground game, and Khabib is a panic fighter, no fighter is perfect so shut the fuck up until you accomplish what any of these have done

  55. D says:

    I still go with the Irish fook middle east.
    McGregor next time dont let him go on the ground keep him up.

  56. Ur motherfucker Looser says:


  57. Nellievdb says:

    Stupid fuck ruined his moment

  58. pRiNce khAñ says:

    The lion khabib

  59. pRiNce khAñ says:

    Khabib the one man army

  60. Tino Garcia says:

    Mcbitch….only hits old men…fucking idiot…khabib….great man saludos de MEXICO

  61. Fredi ansyah says:

    Fuck conor

  62. dedy bellafahmy69 says:

    Khabib I love u

  63. lechina empire says:

    des debiles


    MUSLIM have power more than everyone because of IMAN on ALLAHS…So dont speak abuse against THE MUSLIMS…

    • Reality Comedy & Entertainment says:

      @Braydog the boi shut ur mouth

    • Braydog the boi says:

      Funny how the so called powerful religion known as Islam is founded by a kiddie fucker.

  65. Goh An says:

    I never see fighting in Budhis and Hindu.. the real bad of more bad than terorist this is Cristian religion

  66. Funns Withkds says:

    I love you khabib

  67. Boyd says:

    When someone calls you Khabob instead of khabib

  68. OLIAN 07 says:

    Mcgregor fans like here

  69. Andrew Martinez says:

    All weak Connor can do is watch

  70. prakhar raturi says:

    Russians fuck their ass

  71. bryan gardiner says:

    Go home with the we love khabib statements…mcgregor lost and your idiot boy erupted a riot his team got their ass beat and banned for life…smart move wooohoo we beat mcgregor and started a war but we can’t ever show up at a ufc match again and he has 50million dollars

  72. paing phone myint says:

    khabib is a silent killer

  73. Vadkoni says:

    Khabib attacked fans. He is a dick

    • Arthur Morgan says:

      Obviously u have no idea what it going on it wasnt fans it was conors team talking shit to khabib

  74. Valerian Dcosta says:

    Khabib should be put in jail for attacking out of stage

  75. YouCantKillUs says:

    i hope khabib can reach the 50-0 someday

  76. Shawqi Bukhari says:

    Even Khabibs team won the assistants fight.

  77. film movie says:

    Mcregor fack 🤕

  78. Evan Evan says:

    Fuck khabib and his team

  79. ONE Eye Lyrics says:

    kyaa hai yr sports ko sports ki trh rakhho.. gunda grdi kaa akhhada bnaaya huyaa hai

  80. Jaime Jaramillo says:

    eso fue lo mas emocionante del combate ejejejejjejej

  81. Aguilas De La America says:

    This was unforgettable night.

  82. K. A says:

    Fuck Khabib

  83. chicken chocolate says:

    conor mcgregor is a bich. They should have taken his life

  84. wildan wildan says:

    Stupid idiot MC gragor

  85. Charmis Mae Dollesco says:

    khabib already won the match still he wants to smash Mcgregors team face. I was disappointed with his actions after the fight. Mcgregor also was a show man for the trash talks yet he was defeated.

  86. Captain Leeroy says:

    Filthy little Islamic rats

  87. LANDONS POV says:

    Muslims are the worst

  88. Jack Lord says:

    Asi somo los hombres XY!!!👊👊👊👊

  89. Ayoub Louachmi says:

    Khabib 💪💪

  90. L.E.B MC5 says:


  91. al chapo goste says:

    Respect khabib from Algéria 🇩🇿 mcggregore fuke you

  92. Gianki00013 says:

    I love the end!! Khabib is the best!!! Pussy mcgregor!

  93. Christian Álvarez Pedraza says:

    Hay se ve que el puto de mc pollo atacó primero al que trae la peluquita de khabib que bueno que lo puteo el de rojo por manchado

  94. Ashan Fk says:

    fu£k off 🌙⭐

  95. DragonKing Njordson says:

    Qui fait le malin finit par tomber dans la ravin !

  96. po lice says:

    Fuckn idiots all of them.

  97. isroqi nurahman says:

    Hahaha noob

  98. ZAYN MALIK says:

    KHABIB 💪💕

  99. RECTO Recto says:

    I feel so bad for what happened to Conor

  100. Sayyed Adnan says:

    I was wrong while I said ….Khabib did wrong with McGregor after fight…but after watching punch over old man by McGregor. I can say now whatever khabib did outside or inside is exzactly correct. R u agree…???