Ufc 223 khabib vs

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He was ruled out of the bout and eventually replaced by Al Iaquinta. Iaquinta Results. Then, Anthony Pettiswho had his ufc 223 khabib vs with Michael Chiesa canceled because of injuries Chiesa suffered from the Conor McGregor incident, weighed in at Момент истины для российских болельщиков близок. Приведите мне Кинг-Конга, и если его вес покажет ufc 223 khabib vs 70 кгя буду готов с ним драться!

Видео и результаты UFC — ММАция

Намаюнас отобрала титул чемпионки у Еджейчик в ноябре прошлого года, уничтожив зарвавшуюся полячку в стойке и забив в партере до сдачи видео. However, UFC president Dana White says the company will do what it can to make Iaquinta the champion should he be successful on Saturday night.

Ashlee Evans-Smith Devin Clark vs. Brandon Moreno Joe Lauzon vs. По легенде, статус пояса изменится на регулярный а где-то в Ирландии всплакнет Конор МакГрегор с ударом гонга.

UFC® FIGHT PASS™ -Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Al Iaquinta UFC

Khabib Nurmagomedov Rose Namajunas vs. The UFC co-main event, which pits an immediate rematch between UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas and the woman she took the belt from, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, remained intact though.

Barbosa Хабиб Нурмагомедов — лучшие моменты. Перед этим «Бандитка» задушила во втором раунде поединка Мишель Вотерсон..

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74 Responses to Ufc 223 khabib vs

  1. Gil Terrero says:

    Khabib: I was born ready. You wasnt ready for 4 out of your last 5 fights.

    • Famous Forever says:

      His record and top contender opponents say he was as ready as he needed to be to beat some of the best fighters in the world.

    • Anthony Johnson says:

      He was ready to tap Connors cheating racist ass.

    • Marcus Omar says:

      Why you say this?? With Barboza was not ready?

  2. Paul Goodwin says:

    Khabib is a fucking clown hope he wins nothing and gets screwed up

  3. Mike Ripple says:

    holloways pay for this fight is way more than this guys 80/80

  4. migo bodyguard676 says:

    khabib is a monster

  5. db says:


    1: taken money from magomedov zyyavudin ( is a Russian billionaire businessman. He is the main owner of the privately-held investment company Summa Group. In March 2018, he was arrested and charged with racketeering and embezzlement of state funds.).

    2: promoted by known terrorist (Muslim brotherhood of America) ali abdelelziz

    3: strong relationship to known cechan dictator and guilt of crimes against humanity: kadyiroff romzan

    —-ALL FACTUAL INFORMATION PROVIDED ABOVE— habib AND HIS TERRORIST friends needs to get out of the United States

  6. unknown insan says:

    hail khabib!!!!

  7. j d says:

    Max comes across better then Fergusson

    • Famous Forever says:

      Ferguson is a clown. He tries to talk his ego up and comes across as not believing his own words. His name needs to go beyond weak statements on the nature of Im so tough that of Superman was real, I would make him tap in the first round bato!. Of you dont have the gift of gab, do as Habib does, get to the point, see you on the ring.

    • Sigma Business says:

      ikr? Ferguson was so corny AF. Max is all natural and smooth.

  8. Jakub Holl says:

    Khabib is the King

  9. Gil Terrero says:

    You hear those Animals screaming every time Max opens his mouth.


    Holloway is going to torch this guy.

  11. squall c says:

    the way they talk, u know they respect each others skill and as a fighter but they have to trash talk for the sake of it.

  12. Frank Morris says:

    Why is this heated?
    Khabib is a boring wrestler and fighter.
    Youll sure as hell fall asleep during the fight.
    Im not even gonna watch that piece o shit fight:-)

  13. sebastian ortiz says:

    my right ear enjoyed this

  14. Ciacho x says:

    Khabib — I was born ready What a savage 🙂

    • mohsin memon says:

      Leave khabib……you seem to be a follower of Lucifer !

    • Perfecto Dimaculanga says:

      Im not even Muslim, you peanut brain!

    • Perfecto Dimaculanga says:

      How dare you all say that? Brother Khabib is witty, brother Khabib is original, Brother Khabib was BORN READY! You bunch of SHAYTANS! ITS KHABIB TIME!

  15. Harish Thiyagarajan says:

    Finally Max holloway disappeared like air

  16. Johnny Suave health through knowledge and grit says:

    I hope Max wins or at least makes it interesting. Khabib needs to be humbled a bit.

    • Famous Forever says:

      Why? He knows he is the best, but admits a lucky punch can end his reign. He knows hes not infallible.

    • Pap Lol says:

      Johnny Suave health through knowledge and grit hahs yes I was trash a bit

  17. NotSuprised. MFZX says:

    Max-imise TheMoney Holloway

  18. superr mannn says:

    Max is a likeable guy! Hopefully both come out of the match healthy. Its habib time!

  19. Teff Majeye says:

    Khabib sounds SOOO stupid!! Motherfkr your getting paid too!!!! Your not doing this for free!! I Hope USA Smashes russia!

  20. jim eff says:

    ufc so badly wants khabib to be their new face for the muzscum fans


  21. AntiM says:

    I like Khabib, but he talked a bit shit in this conference. Max is a good Guy

  22. khoder alimuh says:

    But this is haram in Islam this play this is Gambling is Haram in Islam khabib Islam not allowed this money is not halal Mr khabib this is not Islam this money is gambling not accept in Islam

  23. ThAdonis says:

    eh ehhhhh
    who wants to see a ghuy fight for da tide pods called

  24. Kevin Leonardo says:

    I like khabib but I didn’t like that he said that about Max

  25. iSrb says:

    Khabib is scary … he got what he need! Max knock him out …

  26. Seyde Seyde says:


  27. is harianto says:

    Khabib is the best

  28. Gil Terrero says:

    Khabib fights for money, dont be fooled by that liar, Khabib lives in wealth in his country, they treat him like a king, How is Max fighting for money if Khabib is paid more?? White people always need to tell brown people they do it for money.

  29. Billing Riyang says:

    Max kill that bitch

  30. Mac Mane says:

    Crazy cause khabib gets praised for shit that gsp used to get shitted on for doing….wrestling and getting on top of opponents.
    Ufc fans are hypocrite af!

    • Connor Obenhoff says:

      First Last its the same damn thing he never finishes any with strikes on the ground…. Everyone says khabib is so great with ground and poind but name someone hes knocked out or even tko with ground strikes? Its been like 5 years and he didnt even put the guy out cold after he rocked him with a eild ounch on the feet. His striking is shitty whether or not hes on the ground. His submission sre the only thing he really has once the person quits. He never hurts anyone they always get up afterwards and walk away.

    • Jacob says:

      Mac Mane its because theyre top games are very different. While both are very dominant wrestlers while on top GSP was more comfortable with lay n prey waiting out the clock in a dominant position while doing enough damage to keep things from being stood up, essentially point fighting. Where as Khabib makes enough space and trap arms constantly to wail on opponents and although hes had several decisions everyone his opponent is broken where as GSP often looked worse than his opponents after 5 rounds!

      GSP is my fave and I feel GSP does things better than Khabib primarily his striking and single+double he hides behind his jab like nobody else but people will always find Khabibs style more entertaining.

    • First Last says:

      There is a difference I promise you that you would rather get hit by GSP while holding you down and watching the clock over Khabib ground and pounding the shit out of you coming to break you

  31. Adi Rachmat says:

    habib is the winer

  32. Remas9047 says:

    Max is one of my favorite fighters in the UFC. Khabib is only saying what he is saying cause he knows that one week is nothing to get in fight shape. We are gonna see max get beat down badly. Hopefully he doesn’t take too much damage.

  33. Syafrizam Syah says:

    max will win

  34. kenny mendoza says:

    holloway has no match against khabib …u can look for another opponent of holloway ..i can say who can win dis fight as for surr khabib .

  35. Richard T says:

    The one dude is wearing a shirt with a dinosaur on it…

  36. kudo 88 says:

    I was born ready , SAVAGE

  37. deat stroke says:

    This fight is lit🔥🔥 and mad respect to Max man this guy is for real! This the best card since 205 easy.

  38. SofaKingCool says:

    Max gets takend down….Its Game Over.

  39. Kay Hass says:

    Khabib conor cant challange khabib

  40. real Real says:

    Bum pulled out

  41. gopi nath says:

    Max aint give a shit about khabib and khabib know it and he is confused


    That moment Khabib asked him, Do You Think You Can Beat Me, the earth shook.

  43. Vaddy _ says:

    Holloway and Ferguson look related

  44. Jon Compton says:

    Max won this spectacle

  45. Adam Quinn says:

    How dope would it be if Bless smashed the smasher

  46. Adil Siddiqui says:

    Khabib is Greatest ❤

  47. Mike Ripple says:

    kaboob loves to pick on featherweights

  48. KDS Coo tho says:

    Max i leave no turn unstoned Holloway gonna have 2 belts

    • Famous Forever says:

      One year later and Kabib gets to feel right while watching everyone else fight on the octagon.

    • KDS Coo tho says:

      Josiah Garcia it will be a hard fight but if max has been training like he has been saying who knos

    • Josiah Garcia says:

      KDS Coo tho i wish, but khabib takes this one