Ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight

UFC 229: Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор (2018) онлайн

The previous champ is coming off a two-year layoff from the cage. Obviously, he had his massive boxing match with Floyd Mayweather last year, but ring rust is a thing and his cardio has actually currently been questioned. Незабываемое зрелище действительно станет сенсацией этого месяца, заставив фанатов каждого из бойцов скрестить пальцы и верить до самого конца.

Much of these strikes came through a swarming ground and pound. How will McGregor and Khabib play out? Конор Макгрегор онлайн на Android андройде в хорошем качестве у нас на сайте, поделитесь с друзьями этой страницей. Breaking down Khabib Nurmagomedov has cardio for days and he puts unrelenting pressure on his opponents that they ultimately simply cavern ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight, and he has his way for the duration of the bout.

UFC® Khabib vs. McGregor | VK

The orthodox fighter ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight a tremendous 70 percent considerable strike defense, soaking up simply 1. Неутихающие новости по этому поводу подняли на уши все СМИ, новостные сюжеты и интернет каналы блогеров, которые до самого дня премьеры этого события обсуждали все возможные вариации конфликта, зачинщика и ответить на самый главный вопрос — кто выйдет победителем?

Давно разросшийся до вселенских масштабов конфликт стал причиной вызова одного из бойцов на ринг..

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115 Responses to Ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight



  2. Kkkk Gggg says:


  3. Y M says:

    Mcgregor even cant win against islam makachev

  4. _13_ VIC says:

    тебя уже обоссали гандон

  5. journal list says:

    KonorMacChicken, before hi was easy owned by Khabib! WoW that was great and powerfull! )=))

  6. Koolaid says:

    Would love a rematch

  7. bep 2 says:

    so intence mistic mac vs the eagle, thanks ufc

  8. JoeReltonT says:

    Wish we had the old Conor back hate this new one

  9. Уокер Пэд says:

    Хорошэе настроение 😊

  10. любитель справедливости says:

    Khabib- mcgregor 1-0 👉👌🤣🤣🤣

  11. SergeH09 says:

    Whp is the red tall asian girl in the right side ? 😍😍😍

  12. 20 abc says:

    Mother fack Konor 🐓

  13. Arlind Shabani says:

    Notice the guy next to Khabib? thats islam makachev… his best friend / trainingspartner since he was a little boy… now they are both fighting in the ufc and they are still like brothers

    Notice the guy next to connor with the irish flag? Yeah well thats Drake who got payed from connor to perform at his whisky release party…

    you see the difference? xD

  14. itsmebernard says:

    his foot doesnt look like a balloon

  15. bhunep neppoho says:

    Dont like both of these but good that he made conor a permanant whiskey seller

  16. pera peric says:

    Oh cmon guys his foot was a bahleon

  17. Ben Breeze says:

    Conor “ I want the one everybody says I can’t win” ………… I guess everyone is right 😂

  18. Dre says:

    Tomorrow night im gonna smash your boy
    This word just cant get out of my head

    • hass zr says:

      me too brother …the real man always represents his words into actions .. all respect ………………………..28-0 inshaalah

  19. Jay says:

    Drake came to munch on some chicken McNuggets and soda pop.

  20. Joel Grant says:

    McGregor is a fucking clown

  21. JeeN s says:

    Song name please 22:02

  22. Ahmed Tarhouni says:

    What the fook is goin on

  23. zyzz fuark says:

    Esses chute de pés dos adversários no rosto eu usava o golpe de capoeira com o cultuvelo assim quebrava a perna dele .

  24. а.халилов says:

    18:08 song plz!?

  25. Ахьяд Вашаев says:


  26. Tuber Youb says:

    A smack will feel like a double barrel shotgun!

    Oldman be like: more like a water pistol!

  27. Ahmed Tarhouni says:

    Drake the dick head

  28. Tareq Alwahsh says:

    You can smell the fear in his eyes 😂 big hands to Khabib

  29. Yusha Amin says:

    Feels so good seeing the angry Connor McChicken fans so mad hahahah

  30. gamingwithcorp says:

    So glad Khabib DESTROYED this dude…

  31. oren says:

    Dang who that Asian chick in the back? She hot as hell

  32. Suq Madiq says:

    Mcgregor couldnt even knock an old man in a pub and some people thought he can ko khabib lol 😂

  33. Amer Shmili says:

    Mc🤣 smashed totally was so funny show
    I can see how you are different level Mc 🤣 he shit on your head

  34. Zulu Malik says:

    Mauled !!! End of !!

  35. Pragnesh Kalambe says:

    The actual video starts from 25:20, thank me later.

  36. Sufi Shazkhan says:


  37. ming de says:

    Drake so stupid . He think he that important.

  38. Mariah Lin says:

    We could see the difference between a man and a man-child.

  39. Methsara Muditha Saram says:

    Ha ha ha Connor What Happened ?

  40. Kamran Hussain says:

    Drakes such a dick rider!!!! Lol and mcgregor will never beat khabib!!

  41. Abdullah Ertunç says:

    I love khabib from 🇹🇷
    Khabib is the BEST
    because khabibs heart is good and clean

  42. Shikher Joshi says:

    Fight foot was a balloon

  43. Quiet Storm says:

    Speak softly and carry a big stick. Punks jump up to get beat down.

  44. Ruffies says:

    go home drake XD

  45. ChaCha BeatBoy says:

    All the Conor fans deleted their comments

  46. Rocky Billioner says:


  47. prosto dimon says:

    Conor is actor

  48. Makdam says:


  49. zzinoua46 says:


  50. ysl says:

    After the money fight from Conor against Floyd. Conor his career was already over. To take more fights on for Conor hisself is for the money nothing more. Khabib showed that Conor his career was over for sure!

  51. Erase Network HD says:


  52. CanadianPartyLife says:

    is tony mentally retarded?

  53. Style says:

    20:40 track?

  54. Blue Sea says:

    17:38 LOL

  55. Aquila vision says:

    khabib was worry in the face off. khabib Is a control freak. he was stiff. Conor was afraid of public humiliation That came because he sold that fight in the press conference. after the fight khabib get out of character. Conor is the only one that had a draw with him and that piss khabib off. plus khabib was a Conor fan body so there is a deep respect hiding somewhere. watch Conor with Ariel back then he talk how much khabib is a savage. 1-1

  56. The Chicken says:

    Allah is great

  57. Zloy Duh says:

    когда бой?

  58. Janine Mergl says:

    Me at @26:40 — Was that Drake? what the fuck

  59. king bibibear says:

    Khabib beat the living crap ou this dude lo

  60. Vincent Alessandro says:

    Whats wrong of he said alhamdulilah? Does it have the same meaning praise the god like yall Christianity😑

    • Bob johnson says:

      @Siegrainthe Muslims believe in reality, no fairy tales

    • Siegrain says:

      He pushes it on others. Muslims can believe in their dumb fairy tail long debunked by many different discoveries in science such as Evolution, but if they have to shout the name of their non-existent deity into your face like Khabib does here it gets very annoying

  61. KTwist3 says:

    And smesh he did

  62. D Mark says:

    Wow I fucking hate Drake so much

  63. Prof M says:

    Lay off the racism guys. Dont be like that low life McNugget. If your a Muslim, act like one. With McNugget and Dana no neck White, the UFC has become the WWE. I was hoping that McNugget would be subject to any sort of justice, for raping an irish woman, hitting an old man in a bar, embarrassing himself, his son, wife, but he has no decency. It seems the money Gods cant leave him at peace or MMA fans. I hope when he returns he does not revert back to racism. But I am afraid his followers and his ego has not learned this lesson. Dana, have an once of decency and stop the racism. Your propaganda machine with Rogan, Brendon kiss ass and the rest of the UFC commentating fools will not stop. We can start with less racism, this is a respect and honor sport, lets keep aiming for that.

  64. Mazhar Nizam says:

    Whats the song that starts playing at 21:53 in that video?

  65. Kiing Steezy says:

    26:20 ROID RAGE!

  66. Pritam Dhamde says:

    27-0. What else do you need? The champ *KHABIB*

  67. Keiichi MLBPI2018実況 says:


  68. tolstoyed says:

    lol such a show off in promos and then completely clueless in actual fights

  69. ZakTheGamerYT says:


  70. Tarish Thakur says:

    26:44 me in front of my little gang(friends)…

  71. Mama Mantul says:

    #mamamantul Love U Khabib

  72. Herit Bolt says:

    Conor entrance gives me chills.

  73. Jay says:

    McNuggets so happy to see his dad Dana and his sex toy drake.

  74. Billy Jhon ́s says:

    3…doritos después , ama no puedo respirar 😂😂 🐔🐔 😂😂

  75. hardnewstakenharder says:


  76. SPONZORUSE XXL says:

    Yes mc Greggor fuck lijaba

  77. Logun Street says:

    10 months later and I still have no idea why Drake is there

  78. Muhammad Romy says:

    Khabib Alhamdullilah

  79. esucil says:

    Fucking drake… destroying people forever..

  80. Killerket says:

    drake is shaking already, i image that guy fighting with someone probably cry like a baby

  81. Mastropizza93 says:

    Name of the song during connor entrance?

  82. Suka Kecam says:

    easy fight…

  83. Bob johnson says:

    It was good to see a bunch ofdrunk Irish A-holes cry in Vegas :o) Your boy got smashed! Eat it suckers

  84. Adventures & Events says:

    13:30 Man these two should be brothers.

  85. Spiral Dynamics says:



    After every UFC weigh in I rewatch this. This is a historic moment in the sport 🔥🔥

    • Pavan Nair says:

      @Peter Parker wait were you in the weigh ins?


      @Pavan Nair yea its crazy how time flies


      @Peter Parker lucky u I wish I was there

    • Peter Parker says:

      Pavan Nair only fight I can see topping this is either rematch to this or diaz vs mcgregor 3 or maybe but close is jones vs DC 3 other than that your right this fight was over hype and look how packed it was in the weigh in !!!!

    • Pavan Nair says:

      @MUSTAFA BASHEER same. I cant believe this fight was 10 moths ago. What an event and what a day. We will never get one like this one again

  87. J Shaw says:

    Lepracauns who dont know English they say the word Phuck not fuc

  88. Zulu Malik says:

    Mauled !!! End of !!

  89. edward ed says:

    Omg drake hahah fucking idiot

  90. Kkkk Gggg says:


  91. احمد الشهري says:

    What’s the song??

  92. what’s up 124 says:

    Khabib turned out to be *BEAST*

  93. TulusRmGaming says:

    Iam Indonesia 🇮🇩 iam love habib

  94. GEZ VE KEŞFET says:

    Merhaba abone olurmusun

  95. Sameer M says:

    Whats the weigh in song for the conor khabib part? Im looking for that instrumental

  96. Hockey player 1515 says:

    What a fraud mcgregor is. Used to be big fan. Brings drake up like a fan boy. Then gets choked TF out!!!

    • Neurolicious says:

      I believe Drake was the one asking Conor.
      Drakes music sales were dropping hard so he needed people to see him and be like : Oh, Drake! Totally forgot about this guy.

  97. Sameer M says:

    Anyone here after conor punched the old man?

  98. Roman Empire says:

    The camera angles were so perfect on this.

  99. John City guy says:

    Conor 💀 Mcgregor 💀 Fighting inside bus watch now in my channel 👇🌚

  100. mohan vittal says:

    I couldnt see a balloon here