Ufc 242 khabib vs poirier

The fight is going to be the toughest fight for both their careers.

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22 Responses to Ufc 242 khabib vs poirier

  1. FreeDOM Fighter says:

    HABIB IS THE MOST BORING TO WATCH CHAMPION EVER. he is great and all, yet its very boring to watch.

    • KING slayer says:

      Casuals will always act like casuals clueless as always

    • Alec B says:

      Only for casuals who know sfa about MMA. Go watch WWE and stop embarrasing yourself 😂

    • less go says:

      Lol only casual will said its boring

    • Kold War says:

      Nope thats your opinion I love his fights. If you dont like his style go watch boxing this is MMA its in the name MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

    • Jygutyfrrdse says:


  2. Ali Ahsan says:

    Iam with khabib who is grappler 💖💖💓

  3. Olympique 45 says:

    Lol VAE is not Saudi-Arabia

  4. Eagle Nyi says:

    KHabib Khabib Khabib…….

  5. LiveLife 101 says:

    Porier gasses out round 2 and taken out by second. No need to even watch.
    Only Tony Ferguson and Ben Askren can beat khabib, need someone with strong wrestling and/or strong jui jitsu so when get taken down, can submit khabib on ground.

  6. Taha AlZawahra says:

    Khabib 👍🏻🤲🏻

  7. Dobromil Szczesny Stodulski says:

    100K is nearing 😏 doing anything special 🙈 also hoping Khabib wins 🤷‍♂️

  8. Zuber Hasan says:

    khabib ♥️❣😍

  9. The Fight Game says:

    The Eagle 🦅 vs. The Diamond 🔷 MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!

  10. Rodrigues Capita says:

    I like the promo for having Khabib superpower punch vs Conor…😂
    My man Khabib gonna MAUL Poirier as he did to All opponents.

  11. Umar Khan says:

    Eyes specialist ( doctor ) raised his middle finger to kevin lee & asked him. What do you see

    Kevin lee !
    I see holes in khabib game😭👏👊

  12. Amjad Khan says:

    Only kabib inshallah

  13. callu onurbulshit says:

    And then u r gonna lose dustin

  14. Carles says:

    Good promo, hope Dustin gets the upset

  15. Hamada Dahbi says:

    I like khabib