Ufc khabib vs al iaquinta

Featherweight champion Max Holloway was ufc khabib vs al iaquinta called into save the day but he was later ruled out of the fight due to concerns from the New York State Athletic Commission over the severity of his weight cut.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Al Iaquinta full fight video UFC

McGregor stole the headlines while UFC matchmakers ufc khabib vs al iaquinta behind the scenes on a new main event. Nurmagomedov would be able to win the lightweight title if he gets past Iaquinta in this new bout that will headline the UFC card in Brooklyn. Khabib Nurmagomedov will face off with Al Iaquinta in a five round bout on Saturday night in Brooklyn with the lightweight title on the line for one of the fighters.

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UFC 242 Free Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Al Iaquinta

Sorry to your team and the fans. Because Iaquinta came in at White said all fighters bumped off the card will be paid. Iaquinta, who was scheduled to fight Paul Felder, got the nod. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Iaquinta is riding a five fight win streak going into the main event, although he has been at odds with the UFC quite a bit over the past couple of years regarding fighter pay and sanctions levied against him by the promotion..

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109 Responses to Ufc khabib vs al iaquinta

  1. BBJ Keep My Heart says:

    Жарайсын алла деп соксын журегин

  2. taheripashtun says:

    InshAllah (God willing)!!!!!

  3. Fatih Çayır says:

    Biz bir hiçiz sadece ALLAH var diyor reis

  4. Магомед Исмаилов says:

    Хабиб сыла

  5. Dilanka Madushan says:

    If you can bring King Kong and he can make 155 letss go

  6. Mohab Magdy says:

    Khabib is really a respectful guy

  7. Ekber Hesimli says:


  8. FightLIFE S says:

    This is best ufc fight

  9. Osman Alud says:

    Khabyb the best of hiatiry

  10. ФАНАТ FLOYD майвезер TJ says:


  11. Islam Goda says:

    الروح الرياضية

  12. Mr naaxaaji says:

    I doint like what women go through i foint get why they stand behind on naked thats disrespected

  13. Arash Shiravani says:

    Khabib is a Greatest

  14. Muusa Afridi says:

    khabib ☝️

  15. Chris Scarbrough says:

    inshala is God willing 37 23 27

  16. Rob Bassett says:

    Lemme get this straight. This fight is for the belt that only Khabib can win? On a late notice fighter to boot that has no business fighting for a belt even if he were eligible to win it. The UFC is a joke.

  17. vinnerzzz says:

    Such a bullshit to bring religion into a sports… Believe in what you want, but why the hell you need always bring Allah this Allah that, just keep it simple, and talk about the sports, and dont bring religion into a sport, it is such a bullshit.

  18. Muusa Afridi says:

    khabib love from pakistan 🇵🇰

  19. Hunter Zolomon says:

    Lmao when you put captions on it spells khabib nurmagomedovs name as could be another get off.

  20. Metin Arslan says:


  21. Anthony Sopran says:

    LAQUINTA Is going to lose by Rear naked Choke..Bet on it..12/1 odds of a Choke

  22. Mucahit İçen says:


  23. Kumushkhan Makhkamova says:


  24. Juan mata says:

    If al pulls out last minute, throw joes bald headed ass in there.

  25. R S says:

    Rose…this is yours again…
    bring shame to that sore loser
    and yes..you can do it again
    God willing

  26. چ پا says:

    ماشالا‌حبیب‌‌خدا‌ همیشه‌یاورت‌ شیر‌ اسلام🇦🇫💪🏿🇦🇫💪🏿🇦🇫💪🏿

  27. 320speed says:

    When you be two fighters who respect eachother you get one​ hell of a fight.

    Also Cody Garbrandt Vs Pedro Munhoz very good fight too.

  28. Hicham Ziane says:

    allah bless you habib

  29. Anar İbrahimov says:


  30. Christopher Cruz says:

    what happen to Max

    • وديع العمري says:

      Christopher Cruz scary boy still not ready as habib says him

  31. Босс фарзини says:


  32. eddie gluskin says:

    Were is king Kong I think he can make weight 😅

  33. Mukarom Abdul Gani says:

    We love you kabib.

  34. Elias Hajjar says:

    Hale kabeeb ! #1

  35. Aiman Mohd Zakiron says:

    Love khabib, May Allah SWT with him❤️ he put Allah First and Allah give him power nobody can beat him, he’s diamond in islam!💎

    • Anjum Kamal says:

      Its ok to say Khabib is best but although he is a legend no one should say he cant be beaten.Assalam Aleikum 🙂

    • vinnerzzz says:

      @Aiman Zakiron I would love to say George St Pierre vs Khabib.

    • DER SUCHTBRO says:

      Aiman Zakiron Diamond Islam profhet Muhammad. aleihi Salat wasalam.

  36. Haniff Mohd says:

    They sent 5 different people to fight him, he asked for 155lbs king kong!

  37. Barkat Shah says:

    Wow habib

  38. bill clinton says:

    If King Kong can make 155 lets go ,😂😂😂

  39. Mx199D says:

    Imagine Al pull this off (unlikely but still), Dana is going to lose his mind. First, potential superstar Ngannou gets exposed by Stipe. Tony pulls out, Khabib loses, and Conor is likely to never return to UFC after recent events. That is A LOT of lost revenue lol

  40. Never Unprepared says:

    Glory To Jesus

  41. Shahan Ansari says:

    i love khabib bcoz he is my muslim brother

  42. Swiper Soixante says:

    Hey habib they dont want to give you the chance to make space to be respected in the west, so they gave you now a jepsy, the only wreched of the west that theiy dont feel sorry about, will you have mercy on him, have mercy brother

  43. That Guy says:

    So many changes of opponents! I wont be surprised if I find myself in the cage with khabib tonight.

  44. Mohamed Abu Ammra says:

    Just look how respectful Al Laquinta conducts himself comparing to conor  McGregor. Even Khabib respects Al Laquinta.

  45. Asyraf Shaharudin says:

    Trust me Al Iaquinta pulled out tomorrow and Mighty Mouse will step in tp fight The Eagle

  46. Adelina Satvaldina says:

    allah huakbar

  47. Ali Rezai says:

    The best men

  48. Naz Zan says:

    When you see two respectful fighters, youll have nothing but respect for both, two gentlemen fighters.

  49. Seleman Hamkar says:

    Love you habib bro i like your style really verry good and nice style 👍👍

  50. Danni Saderino says:

    This ray longo guy sure has luck with title fights. Matt Serra, Chris Weidman and now Al.

  51. Orxan İmranli says:

    khabibb azerbaijan

  52. Толганай Ермеккаликызы says:

    xabib 👍👍

  53. Alby damned says:

    No way King Kong is making weight…..unless…. nope, no way.

  54. Lil Imam says:


  55. MEGATRON SS says:

    братан хабиб толка перйот

  56. Мадина Шериева says:

    Хабиб красавчик

  57. Gravy Trane says:

    Max Holloway cant make weight?? No bitch! He fights at 145lb he can make weight just fine. Youre full of shit. He wasnt medically cleared dummy. The only guy who cant make weight on this card is Khabib.

  58. Рагимат Муталибова says:

    кто нибудь мне скажет почему эти девушки стоят там сзади давно хочу узнать

  59. фЕдЯ т Ч к says:

    Ало акбар

  60. The Thrillest says:

    Is it going to be a bull market or bear one?

  61. Shagul Hameed Hameed says:

    Muslim khabib history world

  62. фирдавс пирчонзода says:

    пасматрите видео

  63. Karim wafa says:


  64. Monang putra Sihombing says:

    nice khabib..

  65. Why So Serious says:

    *love Khabib..the best muslim fighter in MMA..Allahuakhbar!!!* ☝️

  66. Vako says:

    Bring King Kong ?, shit this man is really crazy

  67. K Sohel Sk says:

    Mashallah khabib is the right boxer the good boxer Mashallah

  68. Jon sto says:

    nothing better then to see Al kick that Idiot arrogant smug …fake humble jerks arse

  69. ЦАРЬ ЦАРЬ says:


  70. Smixi Ma says:

    What a humble man

  71. Umudeli Memmedov says:

    Ala bu khabibdi

  72. Rheyza says:

    joes a midget, kabib would stomp him. I would love to see that

  73. Mohd Irwan says:

    khabib Aidoll Alhamdulillah

  74. мидик 25077892 says:

    хабиб малок

  75. Shahan Ansari says:

    good talk by khabib

  76. Aneta Ynzaeva says:

    Хабиб порвал его как бобик фуфаику 👍

  77. Yatucafe ibr says:

    Dana white didnt want all his good people to loose the game by khabin. Why all of them say no to fight him? They are all scared of him. Lol. I know,they talk trash,but no real dight. Simple.

  78. Vasyl NoMas Lomachenko says:

    New Main Event
    Khabib Vs Jesus OnlyChickenTap Christ

  79. Селима Джабраилова says:

    UFC 209.😘

  80. Teo Man says:

    Beat other people and make money. And then he say Allah insallah. Chechen Logic. Dont understand this muslims stuff.
    If prophet would be alive. He would punish these guys.

  81. А7 Rah1m says:


  82. Jalal Dal says:

    best of luck khbib

  83. самир окон says:

    Masha Allah

  84. aswan achik says:


  85. Ali Rezai says:

    Habib 💪💪💪👍👍👍

  86. Silver Back says:

    Cheeky tenner on Al? 🤔

  87. МИЛАЯ АВАРКА says:


  88. Elshad Mamedov says:

    Ма ша Аллах брат

  89. Sal Vastola says:

    Who would Have Thought Daddy Dana and Raging Al Bffs 😱😘👍. Dana giving Al $500,000 Bucks. Al Stepping Up to Help Save Brooklyn Event. Such a Bro Mance, I just might Cry. If The Fight goes 2 Plus ROUNDS 😹🤕😲😱 We can call it a Happy Ending. 👍👍👍

  90. Shahed Shahed says:

    I like khabib

  91. Pro Loso says:

    Al pulled out, Khabib vs. the middle ring girl

  92. Shohasan Djumabaev says:

    Habib-1 inshaallah

  93. АСТАНДА Лабахуа says:

    Хабиб настоящий сын Кавказа . Он достойно вел себя терпел все оскорбления . Но он доказал всем что он умный сильный и смелый парень Я горжусь этим парнем . Его выдержкой воспитанием и силой духа . Хабиб вся Абхазия с тобой

  94. Muhammad Zubair says:

    Khabib the champ👍

    • Kanat Asanov says:

      Всегда за мусуманме хабиб докажый кто токай мусулманый я сам казах всегда за мусулманме

  95. Franck Ribery says:


  96. Зайка S6 says:

    Caucasian Khabib 😍😍😍😍😍😍😙

  97. syed ummer says:

    Masha Allah khabib

  98. shams arabshah says:


  99. Qosterek Q says:


  100. mister beastieboy says:

    king kong unable to make 155