Where is khabib ufc from

While champions get most of the attention from the media and fans, teamwork is invariably what lays the foundation for success. Coaches, managers, sparring partners, nutritionists, cornermen, and many others are behind any fighter who is in the limelight. We know that you helped him during the camp, you were in his corner during the fight itself. How do you feel after that tremendous win? It did take a lot of work.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов | UFC

On February 18 I flew to the US to help my brother and sparring partner to prepare for the fight. We had a nice two-month training camp, after which we claimed the victory. RT: What was the most difficult part of the intense preparations for the fight? AN: The most difficult moment is when the fighter needs to cut the remaining 2 or 3kg lbsas water still remains in the body and you need to get rid of it.

During this weight cut you need to fully control the fighter and take care of him as if he were a child. The fighter could become panicky. And in order to avoid that, you need to divert his attention from problems to make him stay calm and positive.

He recently changed his tactics and started to follow a diet long before the fight. How was it this time around?

If Khabib quits the UFC where would he fight? — Quora

Was it easier for him to cut weight? Normally, when Khabib starts losing weight we write down everything: when and what he ate, how many kilos he lost. And we try to stick to the plan, otherwise many problems can occur, and could lead to him pulling out from the fight.

Thank God there were no injuries and health problems before the fight. We always try to have sparring partners with suitable weight proportions in order to avoid any injuries. Everything went smoothly this time around, despite the fact that we were forced to change our dietologist after we found out that Khabib would fight Max Holloway, because he also works with Max.

He was replaced by Islam Makhachev, who proved to be a really good dietologist himself. RT: Who made the decision regarding the dietologist? AN: We made this decision all together.

RT: How difficult was it to watch Khabib from the corner during the fight, given that your team had so much on the line that night? AN: Everything went more or less smoothly. At least in the beginning, I was very calm when Khabib kept Iaquinta on the ground in the first two rounds and worked according to our plan. But when he started throwing those jabs in the further rounds… I guess he watched Muhammad Ali too much before the fight.

I realized — this guy wants to fight all five rounds tonight. He has never fought all five rounds before, and he wants to try it now.

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116 Responses to Where is khabib ufc from

  1. Angel Traikov1993 says:

    Khabib best fighter in the world

  2. darrel charlery says:

    Like a bear mauling a baby lamb 😱👀

  3. Adimas Handoko says:

    Gregor just dana boy, he can hit anything without WARNING this way he still win LOL ! Dana and gregor just wna make money

  4. Rakshith says:

    the bear will surely die if it watches this video

  5. Donnie Locklear says:

    He has amazing stamina!

  6. Mi Hawk says:

    10:51 lol Barboza tryna kick to the head of Khabib and falled down…Khabib is a tank

    • Alfa says:

      khabib wanted to try out fighting toe to toe, he did great imo

    • Sko Bird says:

      He destroys his opponents. Al Iaquinta probably put up the best fight, especially for taking the fight on short notice.

  7. TheMrEpicsounds says:

    FYI laquinta knew he lost the fight..he was just having a laugh 👍

  8. pantera3051 says:

    the thing is khabib will never get the attention he really seeks and that bothers him so he cries himself to sleep at night

  9. Najiib Hassan says:


  10. Mahmoud Sayed says:

    OMG such a beast!

  11. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    What are you Saying Hey Penis Holder you This video Uploader! Cowardly attack? I Think This one thing Called FUCKED FROM BEHIND
    But Conor cant touch KHABIB In Bus
    Conor only can Show off But If there werent Security KHABIB Was Gone to KILL Conor

  12. Earth Man says:

    That bear shit was annoying as hell. I just wanted to watch Khabib.

  13. late esport says:

    One of the most amazing unscripted wrestler quits in all history of the mankind xD

  14. MaNxei Plays says:

    If Mcgregor was fighting like ufc 189 he would’ve won

  15. Sajid Hussain says:

    What people dont realise is above all is that this man has Allah SWT on his side…no ones got a chance..i dont even need to get in his fighting skills and all round savagery

  16. M G says:


  17. Ahmad Rozak says:

    After beating dos anjos, he got boosted

  18. Erwan Moreau says:

    What a demon O___o !!!

  19. Robert The Great says:

    7:55 looks like its not comfortable

  20. Kristine Medina says:

    Khabib mauls tge entire humanity

  21. Favian Reyes says:

    I keep thinking every bald man behind the cage is joe Rohan

  22. Roodles Poodles says:

    Only in Joes world does Ragin Al expose and give the blueprint to beat Khabib and have 2 of the score cards be 50-43. If you closed your eyes during the fight and just listened to Joe, you would have thought Al won the fight.

  23. shivam shelke says:

    i hav a bigg fan khabib

  24. Enigma86 Enigma86 says:

    Conor McGregor is big lying coward pussy bullshiting ugly motherfucker..

  25. Ardiansyah Lubis says:

    Funny last video😂😂😂vs connor mc ragor

  26. Shanan Shaikh says:

    Every fighter think they are monster. Unless they meet khabib the real monster.

  27. Jesus The son of Mary PBUH says:

    Lion….love u

  28. Hamza Khan says:

    5:20, just wow.
    How easily he has thrown him on the ground.
    Khabib is legend.
    Waiting for his upcoming fight on 7 sep. 2019.

  29. ARK ANGEL says:

    Conar is Bully.Evil Chicken shit.

  30. amir abbasi says:

    Love u khabib my Brother, u are our proud, we will destroy everyone whoever he is, we don, t care!!! Everyone, stand up for the champion, fight #27, you told the world we are best and we will, In sha Allah ❤️❤️❤️ Best ov luck my Boy for the future, wanna smash that MacGregor again n again n again, MacGregor losser, do,nt try to mess with us again idot 💪💪💪 Love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  31. Luziaf the Loner says:

    If his opponent fight him on their foot they may have chance to win. But once Khabib get them on the ground, we all know already how its gonna end

  32. Alisaif Osmany says:

    Biased refrees let khabib beat his opponent more..

  33. Blaz Baldomero says:

    After watching these highlights. My bet goes to Khabib on 9/7.

  34. Ahmad Rozak says:


  35. Василий Иванович says:

    Больше всего понравилось, когда Дос Аньос решил Хабиба через бедро кинуть… Дурак..😂😂😂

  36. cneddy22 says:

    I hate how they can still keep punching to the head when they are already down

  37. Basanta Rai says:

    irish 6 million ,,,, russia 150 million 😆😅😅😅 ! Great love russia

  38. Hamidrasuli Rasuli says:

    ماشاالله khabib

  39. Kile Hussey says:

    He’s definitely raised the bar for UFC fighters. If he stays in it long enough, he’ll eventually lose. But that’s not happening any time soon.

  40. A J says:

    He cant box, all he does is wrestle , fookin boring.

  41. allstardesiraja says:

    Khabibs boys attack Conor, but what about the bus attack gud point?!😂😂😂

  42. nikos k. says:

    fuck the russian gay

  43. Diego Enrique says:

    The mini video is messing all the great video behind…

  44. Maha Rascal says:

    Khabib youre are the one fighter who bring up a true and best mma.

  45. think deep says:

    Those elbows to the face damn kahbib!

  46. Alam says:

    Licensed to kill 😁😁😁😁

  47. tonysMelody TM says:

    The bear was also the payed babysitter. Kbib shitted his diapers always so full of chicken-shit nobody wanted to babysit little Kbib, when his mother was out walking and working the streets. Where his father was. I tell you by allah, his father was teaching real wrrrestling to little boys. all day. Kbibs mother was away for weeks sometimes. Nobody cares.
    Poor Kahbib, boohoeeee

  48. noobimpact says:

    *Khabib enters boxing ring with Gayweather*
    One second after the start
    *Gayweather gets carried out of the ring and gets smashed*

    • by the power of greyskull says:

      Dont be silly. May weather would school this man in a boxing ring

  49. Lucas sacuL says:

    i should have bought a bear for my child then PS4? Can I return the PS4 back?

  50. parkour master says:

    That was only 11 or 12 fights so how is he 27-0?

    • Seyed Ibrahim says:

      @parkour master Yeah He fought i think 12 fights in UFC others are from other Pro MMA Career Mostly in Russia

    • parkour master says:

      Seyed Ibrahim so what are his other fights from? I thought record only counts from fights in the UFC?

    • Seyed Ibrahim says:

      These only from UFC

    • Azry Adam says:

      To prevent copyrigth issue

  51. Ninosław Brzostowiecki says:

    No way this beast loses Sept. 7th. It will be 28-0

  52. Joghurt says:

    13:24 wtf he was making fun but ok

  53. Ahmad Rozak says:

    Fist is a fist, no matter what

  54. The Pondering Minimalist says:

    Conor is an asshole, period..He wants to win OR beat up the guys who took the title from him !

  55. Slav Emperor says:

    Ive never seen fighter able to switch stances so freaking fast and fluid. And in both ways!

  56. ZoofSkillzFishing says:

    Dana White will never admit that Khabib is the best fighter. In the UFC… He hates the fact that Khabib is better than Connor McGregor… Who throws sucker punches at old men who know better than to drink that poisonous liquid shit he is selling

  57. TheMrEpicsounds says:

    Thank you for not spoiling this with trashy music 👍

  58. Dhani2728 says:

    Because he not alcoholic man

  59. Jamal Hassan says:

    He is really a beast..

  60. hhgygy says:

    Statistically, the most said sentence is He is in big trouble.

  61. Jorge Meza says:

    He has the stamina of a 🐻

  62. JGC 9-0 says:

    why dont you show his losses?…..oh wait.

  63. Fabian Nuñez says:

    Refugience aquí los que hablan español 😂😂😂😂😂

  64. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    Bus attcak was just Show Off at Camera

  65. M HaterSKI says:

    Kebab has a light punches, i dont get it, he is boring. Great sub fighter, thats all.

  66. sinnersinbad says:

    Wow this is like watching the wwe only its real and unscripted

  67. Asdfjkl Aflj says:

    2:20 the ref shoulda stopped the fight…wtf

  68. Donnie Locklear says:

    WTF?!?!?! He has no skill! All he does is overwhelm people with wild punches!

  69. MaNxei Plays says:

    If Mcgregor was fighting like ufc 189 he would’ve won

  70. adz leee says:

    is khabib still unbeatable? excuse my english

  71. Erdogan Osmanli says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️khalib ❤️❤️❤️❤️Allah 1❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷Elhamdülillah 🤜🔥💀2023 Deccal

  72. murtaza khan says:


  73. by the power of greyskull says:

    Can anybody explain to me why no one side kicks khabibs knees as hes marching forward? Looks wide open for it to me

  74. SSJ Taurus says:

    i have a feeling this guy is a really big conor fan

  75. Vincent Wallace says:

    Are you telling me this man wrestled bears for training ????

  76. jack houghton says:

    I take it you really like mcgregor then??

  77. Sano Sagara says:

    that energy, that power, holy fuck bro

  78. Cosmonauteable says:

    His hand defense+striking became increasingly better. His ground game was always A+.

  79. Advocate For A TYT Canada says:

    OMFG,… Lose the fucking Bear Technique already!!!!

  80. badboybootz8 says:

    If he sharpened his striking/boxing, its a wrap

  81. jio rob says:

    Khabib vs GSP

  82. Peter says:

    2:31 Khabib was taken down? Never knew he had been taken down in the UFC before

  83. YZN says:

    Haha mcgregor the huenson

  84. Sweet Jones III says:

    2:03 Oh my god 😐

  85. Patrick A. says:

    Khabib is a fucking Monster, the best teknical fighter ever

  86. renaldy kharisma says:

    This guy is Muhammad Ali in wrestling

  87. AGATH0R says:

    The king

  88. durgeshpardeshi 01 says:

    Why barboza got hard in the middle of fight?

  89. sbarmiueenl says:

    Al Aquinta was just kidding.

  90. Natsume tsucumikade says:

    Dont make khabib angry or khabib will return to bear 🐻

  91. spacetape says:

    Iaquinta still the man for that fight

  92. AMD D says:

    His wrestling is unbelievable yet that stamina and crazy solid chin might be his best assets.

  93. Giang Trân says:


  94. Mohammed Shaikh says:

    This is Not Cowardly move by Khabibs partner ok thats why because of security wont brawl each other and Your heros bus attack🤣 Fuck, Khabib Can Fuck your hero Conor to get out from Bus Ok but UFC Security and his Friends wont let happened it,

  95. Dutsan Rojas says:

    Great compilation of the eagle

  96. khalil botor says:

    September 7 2019

  97. XxSinghSouljaxX says:

    khabib beating connors ass was one of the greatest moments of my life. conner got humbled fo sho

  98. Terry Killa says:



  99. Youssef Zohbi says:

    I hate how people simply stating that khabibs striking has improved from sloppy to really good are getting backlash.

  100. Brutaleon says:

    How much his style has changed over the years, he went from being a sloppy fighter with good wrestling to one of the best pressure wrestlers with very good striking. Seriously his controls and takedowns have become bespoke.